Cancun is world renowned as a top travel destination for couples, college students, solo travelers, and group travelers. According to a recent survey by Euromonitor International, Cancun will soon be the leading city in the Americas in terms of population and economic growth. In 2016, nearly 6 million tourists flocked to this city, and the survey projects a 16% increase year after year to reach 9 million by 2015. More so, the UN World Tourism Organisation reckoned that Mexico’s tourism industry had outpaced other popular parts of the word. With this unprecedented growth, it is no wonder that more people are taking vacation tours to the town. Below are six things to do while visiting this coastal city:

Romantic Cruises

Lovers will attest to the fact that the town is a dreamy place for honeymoons, destination weddings, and just reconnecting with your significant other. You can go on cruises to the Caribbean and rekindle your romance. Afterward, you can take long walks on the beach, take in the idyllic views, or listen to jazz on the streets. These are just some of the wonderful experiences that make this place so enthralling to foreigners.

Wild Nightlife

This city is a heralded as the playground for American tourists on vacation during spring break or guests who seek luxury. Partying is the principal activity, and the nightlife doesn’t disappoint at all. Whether you fancy trance music, rock music, or pop hits, there are a plethora of venues to satiate that need. Tourists will enjoy blending with the locals and dancing the night away.

Visit the Ruins

Seeing the Mayan ruins at Tulum is a must-do activity for Cancun tours. Tulum is located just over an hour from the town which makes it easy to plan a day trip. Besides seeing the captivating ruins of Tulum, guests can do some yoga on the beach and swim in sinkholes sheltered in caves.

Sample Cuisines

What’s a vacation without sampling the local cuisines? Foodies will agree that restaurants in this location have the best of Mexico’s cuisines as well as gourmets from the world over. The food options range from oriental soups, fresh seafood, vegetable dishes, and all sorts of delicious snacks. Prepare to sample some tantalizing dishes at restaurants along the beach, from street vendors, or room service at vacation rentals.

Seeing Wildlife

After recuperating from the nightlife, you may want to spend an afternoon seeing rare wildlife at the shore or at Sian Ka’an which is a UNESCO biosphere. You can see a dying breed of sea turtles, lemon sharks, and other interesting creatures that are native to this part of the world. The ocean beaches are the best spots to see all kinds of turtles ranging from leatherback to hawksbill turtles. It is worth noting that many resorts are actively involved in the conservation of wildlife, and therefore, guests will be delighted to see different stages of raising turtles.

Retail Therapy

Vacationers can enjoy a shopping experience like no other at the Kukulcan Plaza and at the high-end stores at Playa del Carmen which is not too far from Cancun. You can choose from an array of traditional handcrafted items, apparel, or other beautiful trinkets to add to your travel collectibles. If thrift-shopping is your kind of jam, get ready to haggle at the market area which is not too far from vacation rentals.

Whether vacationing on a budget or you are ready to splurge, Cancun is a dream location for domestic and foreign travelers. There are numerous activities for tours to engage in so be prepared to be thoroughly entertained and make memories to last a lifetime.