Are you itching for a warm-weather escape? Consider Cancun, a destination location filled with stunning beaches, exotic wildlife, Mayan ruins, and excellent restaurants. Here is a list of five events you can look into while planning your vacation to Cancun.

Billfish Tournaments May to late June

Held in Cozumel, and Puerto Aventuras, This is an event always takes place between May and late June. It draws serious fishermen from all over the world competing to catch fish that migrate in the surrounding waters.

El Día de Los Reyes

Held on January 6th, this is also called Feast of the Epiphany, and it occurs when children receive gifts brought by the three wise men. This Cancun event features music and cake! Your children will love this special event.

Carnaval (Mardi Gras)

If you are visiting in February or March, then Carnaval (Mardi Gras) is one the Cancun events that you should be looking for. This is a weeklong blow out held before the Lent season. It is usually coupled with outlandish parades, fireworks, and outdoor dances, contests that you will find likable and amazing food. What is more, you should note that Cancun events are well known for their flamboyant parades. Therefore, this event will be dominated by carnival parades.

Aniversario de Benito Juárez (March 21st)

This event often referred to as the Birthday of Benito Juárez. As such, the holiday celebrates his birth as one of Mexico’s most memorable heroes. Of course, this event is celebrated in parades as well as fireworks. Moreover, government public schools are granted an official holiday to celebrate the event. Some businesses close in honor of these celebrations.