Cancun. What do you think of when you hear this name? Most likely you picture relaxing at the beach, catching some rays, maybe taking mid-afternoon naps; overall probably being a bit lazy and carefree. But while all of that is very well and good, did you know that a vacation here isn’t just for sun, sand, and unwinding? Sightseeing in Cancun is actually the best around. Whether you’re looking to explore, swim, or just dine, this city has it all.

Explore The Ruins

Did you know that we are home to Mayan ruins? El Rey dates all the back to 250 A.D. and in addition to housing several intricate tombs, there are also 47 buildings that still stand and a temple, all displaying remnants of ancient Mayan culture and life. While it’s not an entire day excursion, it is definitely a site not to be missed by diehard cultural and historical buffs. And if you are into iguanas, El Rey is the best place to observe and even feed them!

Dive Into Aquaworld

Did you know that the city is also home to Aquaworld, a top-notch scuba diving center? Not only that, but Aquaworld also offers outings for fishing, shark or dolphin swimming, snorkeling, flyboarding, and extreme-speed speedboats. And for the adventurer, there is scuba diving or snorkeling in the underwater museum of art that boasts close to 500 unique statues and sculptures. Aquaworld is a perfect day excursion for the lover of water who doesn’t want to do the standard, conventional Cancun water excursions.

Swim Through Xel-Ha

Did you know that there is also natural aquarium? Spend the day (or maybe even two of them) at this aquatic theme park. Uniquely located around a lagoon and natural inlet that connect to a river, Xel-Ha provides its visitors with the experience of being able to enjoy both ocean and freshwater all in the same place. There are a ton of things to do for anyone at any skill level or desired activity, such visiting the turtle reserve, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and ziplining. And that’s only a smattering of the many things to do here!

Ride to Isla Mujeres

Did you know there is a small island, located only 15 minutes away by boat? Take off from the Cancun Center and spend the day exploring this tiny, 650 meter wide, 7 kilometer long island. Catch some of the spectacular waves beachside or from a surfboard, dive or snorkel around the nearby coral reefs, or bask in the peace and quiet of the slower pace of this taxi and bus only island. It’s a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Cancun!

Taste the Local Fare

Did you know that you can take a food tour of the city? Every night there is a Taco Tour, which takes you to four different stops over a 2.5 hour period. You’ll experience some of the best food offered across the city. And while you can certainly get great food at whatever accommodations you have arranged for yourself, there is nothing like getting local fare handpicked by locals who know how and where to get the best food around.

If you are up for it, there are a ton of off-the-beaten-path, interesting things to see and do right here in the city. Just pick your pleasure. Or you could just relax at your vacation rentals for a few days instead of sightseeing in Cancun. We won’t tell.