Do you usually stay in a hotel when you vacation? This year, you can save money, decide what amenities you want, and provide your family with a more enjoyable experience in Cancun. Choosing house rentals, even a rental on the beach can save you money while giving you everything you want and more in an exotic vacation. Torre Escenica Xcaret and the Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise are two of the exciting places you can plan a trip to when you save money with a rental home instead of a paying luxury hotel per night charges.

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Stay in a villa on the Riviera Maya

Booking a vacation with a property management firm allows you to have peace of mind that any problems will be a thing of the past in no time at all. 24-hour maintenance will keep everything running smoothly. Full-service concierge assistance can help your family book the experiences you want to try instead of signing up for a cookie-cutter tour at the hotel. Plus, the charm and character you can find in a house are often more ornate and intricate than hotel rooms that are similar in style and decor.

Amenities in a condo versus a hotel

Condominiums typically have a penthouse or corner rooms that you can rent to get a bird’s-eye view of Cancun Mexico. While you can get this view in a hotel, many have tiny balconies or small windows. With a condo, you have a full kitchen to use for meal prep and snacks. Imagine paying restaurant prices for the entire family for every meal of the day. It will get super expensive to take a two-week vacation with only a microwave and mini-fridge in your room. Hotels only have one bathroom per room. Why spend hours getting ready every morning when you can use the two, three, or four bathrooms in a condo at the same time? Then, you can hit the beach as fast as you want.

Luxury on the beach without the hotel crowd

Do you want a unique experience? Many luxury rentals on the beach offer private beach access. Imagine skipping the line at the breakfast buffet to head out on the terrace and enjoy your morning latte in peace. When you want to bring the entire family and a few friends, then a house or villa rental can save you hundreds of dollars on room rentals. You will not have to worry about finding rooms close to each other or on the same floor either. Nothing is worse than going up and down the elevator to different floors to get everyone in one group to head out to MUSA to see the underwater exhibits.

Space to spread out is always a bonus

Some vacation rentals offer ten bedroom properties between the guest house and the main villa. Plus, most villas have a swimming pool on the property that your family can enjoy. When you swim a lot, having an on-site washer and dryer is a welcome amenity. With concierge service, you can create a custom itinerary that includes some of the most popular tours and attractions like Go Karts Cancun, Dolphinarus, Sail Away, and Captain Hook Adventures. With a property management firm, you can list your needs and wants, and let the company find a rental that suits your needs. You do not have to choose from a select menu of hotel options when you can have them all in a rental house.

Privacy for alone time with vacation rentals

Many couples come to Cancun Mexico to enjoy a little time together. Hotels will not provide very much privacy. Your balcony is likely to sit in view of dozens of other terraces. Your room will probably face several floors of windows on the opposite side. When you want to experience the city in traditional fashion, then a home rental can give you a spectacular view that you would never see from a tourist hotel. When a quick dip in the pool is what you want after a hot day of exploring, shopping, and dining, then you can enjoy a private swim instead of sharing your evening with all the hotel guests at the scheduled mixer.

To make the most of your Cancun vacation, book a stay at one of the luxury villas and condos on the beach. Your wallet and your family will thank you for a tailored experience. The money you save on hotel costs can go towards bungee jumping, scuba diving, and ATV riding on the beach providing a memorable vacation that the entire family will enjoy and remember forever. You can usually bring all your pets to the rental house too.