Gold Rush Mining Company Adventures

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Gold Rush Mining Company exterior entrance in Big Bear, CA.
Inside the Gold Rush Mining Company in Big Bear.
Big Bear, CA Gold Rush Mining Company mining area.
Gold Rush Mining Company stone sifter.
Treasures found at Gold Rush Mining Company in Big Bear, CA.
Ghost town sign at Gold Rush Mining Company in Big Bear.
Gold Rush Mining Company in Big Bear, CA cemetery entrance.
The courthouse in Big Bear at Gold Rush Mining Company.
Ghost town at Gold Rush Mining Company in Big Bear, CA.
Gold Rush Mining Company's treasure shop.


Welcome to Gold Rush Mining Adventures! Located in Big Bear Lake, California, this is the perfect place for all ages to explore and discover real gold, gemstones, and more. Whether you're a kid or an adult, you'll have a blast panning for gems at this cool mining attraction.

Offering a variety of different types of mining experiences, you can try your hand at traditional gold panning or take it up a notch with a unique gemstone panning expedition. Gemstone panning is a fun alternative to traditional gold panning that will let you find beautiful stones like amethyst, quartz, and topaz. 

And if you looking for some educational experiences, they also have themed educational field trips featuring the Gold Rush, The Revolutionary War, and other historical themes. No stone is left unturned here! 

One of the most exciting parts about Gold Rush Mining Adventures is you'll get to experience the thrill of finding a real treasure! Their friendly staff provides all the necessary tools and supplies so that you can start your mining adventure right away. 

Plus, they'll be there to answer any questions you may have about the process.

And with an incredible mining cave gift shop filled with rocks, crystals, and minerals from all over the world—it's the perfect place to find souvenirs for yourself and gifts for all your friends and family back home!

So if you’re wanting a super cool family adventure, the Gold Rush Mining Adventure in Big Bear, CA is the perfect spot. You never know what treasures you might find!

Cool Experience 

From panning for gems and gold to digging for fossils and cracking geodes, the Gold Rush Mining Company Adventures has something for everyone.

We thought two of the coolest experience at this old-timey mining place was gemstone panning and geode cracking! Both offer a unique and guided experience with a brief overview of what to expect and offered all the necessary tools to have a successful time. 

Be prepared if you decide to try your hand at geode cracking. This will require some crafty care, patience, and safety goggles—you will be taught how to use a hammer and chisel to break open these crystal-filled stones. Once open though, it will be well worth it! You’ll get to see a tiny crystal world and discover the delicate intricacies of these pretty gems! 

Or if amethyst, topaz, and quarts are more your things, we recommend gemstone panning. This fun alternative to traditional gold panning offers a similar water and pan experience, but with a cool gemstone payoff. 

Either way, if you’re looking for an exciting adventure that is suitable for all ages, then look no further than Gold Rush Mining Adventures in Big Bear! 

Getting There

Getting to the Gold Rush Mining Adventures in Big Bear Lake is a breeze! Here's the best way to get there if you’re coming from LA:

  1. Start by taking Interstate 10 east from Los Angeles towards Big Bear Lake.
  2. Take exit 62B onto CA-38/Big Bear Blvd and continue for around 17 miles until you reach the lake.
  3. Turn left on North Shore Drive and go about a half mile until you reach Moonridge Road.
  4. Turn right onto Moonridge Road and take your first left into the parking lot of the Gold Rush Mining Adventures.

Local Tips

  • Make sure to bring warm clothing, as the temperatures can get quite chilly in the winter months.
  • Pack a picnic lunch—they have plenty of outdoor seating areas and parks nearby where you can enjoy your meal.
  • Be sure to visit the gift shop—they sell some truly unique items that were sourced from their own facility!
  • Wear comfortable shoes—there's a lot of walking around required in order for you to take full advantage of all that this gold-mining adventure has to offer!


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