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What do you get when you mix Latin, American, and Bolivian cuisine? Answer: Gaby's Latin Flavors.

This locally owned restaurant, which opened its doors in 2017, has quick\ly become a favorite in Big Bear, garnering a reputation for its warm hospitality and exceptional cuisine​​​​.

The restaurant is known for its diverse menu, offering a blend of Mexican and Bolivian dishes. Patrons have lauded the quality of the food, noting the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients. Another feature is the diverse menu with everything from burritos to burgers to Bolivia-style entrees. 

The servings are generous and satisfying, catering to various dietary needs, including vegan options. This attention to detail and variety ensures that there's something for everyone, making it a versatile dining spot​​.

While everything on the menu is tasty, the Bolivian dishes standout, offering flavors and dishes  not commonly found in Latin restaurants. This fusion of Mexican and Bolivian cuisines provides a unique dining experience, blending familiar Mexican flavors with less-known yet equally tantalizing Bolivian dishes​​​​.

With its creative cuisine, indoor and outdoor seating, and family-friendly menu, Gaby's Latin Flavors is a must-do when in Big Bear.


While the exterior of Gaby’s exudes Big Bear’s ruggedness, the vibrant colors foretell of the eatery’s creative cuisine. Inside, you're greeted by a warm, casual setting that beckons you to relax and enjoy. 

The interior is thoughtfully designed with a focus on comfort and sociability, featuring ample seating that accommodates both intimate gatherings and larger groups with ease. Large tables are a prominent feature, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment among diners.

The outdoor dining area is a charming extension of the restaurant's welcoming ambiance. It offers an al fresco experience under the clear, blue Big Bear skies. It’s also perfect for those balmy evenings, and adds an element of laid-back elegance to the dining experience. And with it being dog-friendly, it’s the perfect location for pet owners.

Gaby's Latin Flavors: Menu & Drinks 

At Gaby's Latin Flavors in Big Bear Lake, the menu showcases Mexican, Bolivian, and American flavors and entrees. The restaurant caters to a variety of tastes including vegetarian options and a kids' menu​​.

One of the must-try dishes at Gaby's is the Pollo al Horno, a Bolivian dish that has received high praise for its wonderful flavors and preparation. It exemplifies the homemade style of cooking that Gaby's Latin Flavors is renowned for​​. 

Another popular choice is the Fricase, a Bolivian-style pozole that captivates diners with its aromatic broth and tender pork. It’s often accompanied by a pork rib in the bowl, adding to its heartiness and appeal​​.

The Avocado Salad is also highly recommended. Described as large, delicate, and delicious, it's a testament to the fresh, high-quality ingredients used in the kitchen. 

Even the American burger comes with a Gaby twist. This mouth-watering meal features sirloin tips sauteed with onions then topped with a fried egg. Next, sweet corn, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and special sauce are added. Naturally, fries come as a side. 

For drinks, Gaby's Latin Flavors offers a selection of Latin drinks like Jarritos and Mexican Coke along with milkshakes, Bolivian hot chocolate, and assorted tea and soft drinks. 

With a full bar, they offer various beer and wine options along with notable cocktails. A margarita worth trying is the Caliente Margarita. This craft cocktail features tequila, triple sec, marinaded chiles, sugar cane, spicy house syrup, and margarita mix. It’s the perfect sweet and spice combo to go with any meal.

Be sure to check out Gaby’s Latin Flavors for unique cuisine, warm ambiance, and vibrant setting.  

Local Tips

  • Order at the front counter and choose a table. The indoor area caters to large groups, and there's also an outdoor eating area​​.
  • Most entrees can feed two people. Consider sharing dishes like the huge burrito or tender ribs to save money and enjoy a variety of flavors​​​​.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the staff for dish recommendations or inquiries about the menu. 
  • Gaby's offers a convenient takeout service so you can enjoy your meal back in your Casago rental.


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