The Duluth Lakewalk

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The Duluth Lakewalk
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Duluth has always had a close connection to the water. But to truly appreciate this unique blending of urban jungle and nature, one should journey along The Duluth Lakewalk.

This scenic 7-mile paved path offers beautiful views of Lake Superior and provides access to many attractions and parks.

But this wasn't always the case. When Duluth was an industrial powerhouse, warehouses, factories, and rail yards often blocked off the lakefront. 

Things started to change in the 1970s and 80s. The city decided to embrace its natural beauty and transform the waterfront.

After extensive renovations and construction, The Duluth Lakewalk pedestrian path opened in 1991. The 7 miles of shoreline walkway ran from Bayfront Festival Park to Brighton Beach. 

The paved trail allows walkers, runners, bikers, and to fully experience Duluth's gorgeous scenery. 

You'll also find access points to attractions like the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, Canal Park, and Leif Erikson Park.

After severe damage from significant flooding in 2012, construction projects strengthened it against future storms. The Duluth Lakewalk offers smooth walking and gorgeous views of Lake Superior and the harbor, thanks to the ongoing enhancements.

Fun Facts & Cool Features

The top feature of The Duluth Lakewalk is the fantastic views. You'll stroll beside Lake Superior and witness massive lake freighters cruising through the harbor. 

Another cool feature is several platforms and piers jutting out over the lake. Visitors get a front-row water view and Duluth's iconic Aerial Lift Bridge.

The route also features informative plaques and historical signs at points of interest. Visitors can learn cool facts about the development of the harbor and the growth of Duluth's shipping industry. 

Near the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, exhibits highlight the dramatic Great Lakes storms that shaped the shoreline. The Lakewalk does a great job combining recreation, nature, and history.

Scattered along the paved trail are eight pollinator gardens. The pollinator plots are part of an effort throughout North America to help revive monarch butterfly populations and other pollinators. 

With scenic lake views, access to parks and attractions, and historical elements, The Duluth Lakewalk is a great family destination.  

Whether you walk, bike, or relax at The Duluth Lakewalk, visiting will be the highlight of your Twin Ports getaway

Getting There

Here are easy directions to The Duluth Lakewalk from Duluth: 

  • From downtown Duluth, head north on N 5th Ave W toward W Michigan St.
  • Turn right onto W Michigan St and continue for 0.7 miles.
  • Turn left onto Lake Ave S - the entrance to the Lakewalk will be on your right.

Parking is available in the nearby Canal Park area.


The Duluth Lakewalk is free and open to the public

Local Tips

  • Bring a jacket - it can get chilly near the lake, even in summer!
  • Stop for a snack or meal at one of the restaurants along the way in Canal Park.
  • Rent a bike for the full experience. Several shops near the start rent bikes by the hour.
  • Check the Lakewalk map for restrooms, water fountains, and access points along the route.


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