Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse

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Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse
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Guarding the entrance to the Superior Harbor like a sentinel is the Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse.

This historic beacon has guided ships safely through the treacherous waters of Lake Superior for over a century. This iconic lighthouse symbolizes resilience and the dedication of those who have worked to keep mariners safe along this vital shipping route.

The history of the Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse dates back to 1913, when it was first constructed. This unique lighthouse, often called a "spark plug" design due to its cylindrical shape, was built to safely guide ships through the narrow and rocky Superior Entry. The lighthouse's location at the northern tip of Wisconsin Point, opposite Minnesota Point, marks the boundary between the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Over the years, the lighthouse has undergone various renovations and upgrades to enhance its effectiveness. Its distinctive red roofs and white walls have made it a recognizable landmark along the Great Lakes shoreline. The lighthouse's light, visible from miles away, has been a guiding star for countless vessels navigating Lake Superior, ensuring their safe passage to and from Duluth's bustling harbor.

In 2019, Stephen Broudy purchased the lighthouse from the US Coast Guard with plans to revitalize it. Tours are not available now that it's a private residence, but that may change in the future. 

 Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse is a historical treasure, reminding Twin Ports visitors of its enduring importance in maritime history and the vital role it continues to play in ensuring the safety of ships on the Great Lakes.

Fun Facts & Cool Features

One of the most captivating features of the Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse is its stunning panoramic views. Visitors are rewarded with breathtaking Lake Superior vistas and the ships navigating its waters.

Another interesting fact is that the lighthouse remains an active aid to navigation. While everything is automated, its flashing red signal continues to guide ships safely into the Duluth-Superior harbor. 

While the lighthouse is not open to the public, the surrounding area provides a picturesque spot for taking photographs and appreciating the historical significance of this maritime icon.

Getting There

Getting to the Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse from Duluth is easy. Here are step-by-step directions:

  • From downtown Duluth, go southwest down N Shore Scenic Dr.
  • Take a right onto W Railroad St.
  • Turn left onto Garfield Ave.
  • Use the left lane to merge onto I-535 S and US-53 S.
  • Once in Superior, Wisconsin, turn left onto N 5th St.
  • Turn left onto Clough Ave.
  • Take a right back onto US-53 S.
  • Turn left onto 57th Ave E/Moccasin Mike Rd.
  • Turn left onto Wisconsin Point Rd.
  • After about 3.3 miles, turn right, and you will arrive at Superior Entry South Breakwater Lighthouse after .2 miles.


Visiting the lighthouse is free, but no tours are inside the facility. 

Local Tips

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, as you may need to walk a little to get around.
  • The lighthouse is at the end of a long jetty, so be prepared for a hike.
  • Bring binoculars or a camera to closely examine the lighthouse and ships.
  • Be mindful of the weather, as Lake Superior's conditions can change rapidly.


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