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In the Twin Ports area, you can experience an authentic English pub- look no further than Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake! 

A beloved local establishment, Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake has a rich history dating back to 1978. Jack and Barb Arnold purchased the eatery and remodeled the building, giving birth to this British style.

Originally a service station, the couple's love for British culture inspired the transformation into a pub. Even the name is a tip of the hat to the quintessential English character, Sir Benedict. 

Over the years, the pub has grown into a local favorite, known for its cozy atmosphere, delicious food, and great selection of drinks.

The charm of Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake goes beyond its British-inspired name. The tavern is situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Superior, offering patrons stunning views while dining. 

Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake has a superb reputation for serving the freshest gourmet sandwiches and homemade soups. The diverse menu caters to various tastes, ensuring something for everyone. Coupled with a well-stocked bar and friendly staff, it's no wonder this tavern has become a staple in the Duluth dining scene.


Stepping into Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake is like being transported across the Pond to a traditional English pub. The warm, welcoming atmosphere is inviting, making you feel at home when you walk through the door.

The decor balances rustic and modern with a blend of wood and brick elements that add to the cozy ambiance. The tavern is filled with comfortable seating options, from bar stools to couches, allowing patrons to choose their preferred dining setup.

One standout feature of Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake is its outdoor patio. Overlooking Lake Superior, the terrace offers an incredible view, perfect for those sunny Duluth days when you want to enjoy your meal al fresco. 

In addition to its physical attributes, Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake has a solid commitment to the local community. The tavern regularly hosts live music and events, contributing to the vibrant local arts scene. From karaoke nights to performances by local artists, there's always something happening at Sir Ben's, as the locals fondly call it.

Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake offers a unique blend of delicious food, great drinks, and a warm atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination when vacationing in Duluth, Minnesota.

Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake: Menu & Drinks

While Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake doesn't serve British classics like shepherd's pie or fish and chips, the selection of fresh gourmet sandwiches, homemade soups, and unique drinks make up for this deficit.

A prime example is the Cuban pork sandwich. This mouth-watering meal showcases carnitas, avocado spread, Sriracha, and pepper jack cheese. It is served on a crunchy baguette and comes with kettle chips and a pickle. 

Not seeing what you're craving on the menu? Consider the Build Your Own Sandwich to customize a meal uniquely yours.

A popular appetizer is the artichoke & spinach featuring a creamy spread with house-made focaccia bread.  

But what's a visit to a tavern without trying out the drinks? Sir Bens boasts a well-stocked bar with a great selection of beers on tap. Among the popular choices are the Breffix Stout, Parabola Stout, and Lunch IPA. The Milk And Honey Tart Cherry Cider is a delightful option if you're more of a cider person.

Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake offers healthy fare, British charm, and a picturesque view of Lake Superior, making it a popular stop on any Minnesota getaway.

Local Tips

  • Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake has an outdoor patio that offers a stunning view of Lake Superior. 
  • Happy Hour is daily from 4-7PM with discounts on drinks.
  • Sir Ben's regularly hosts live music and events. Check their events calendar for updates.
  • Order online if you're in a rush or prefer to enjoy your meal elsewhere.
  • The eatery is family-friendly, complete with a children's menu.


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