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The secret to superb BBQ is time, spices, and hickory smoke. When this trifecta comes together, the results are finger-licking good! If this has you dreaming of tasty BBQ, you owe it to yourself to try OMC Smokehouse! 

This BBQ joint has been serving mouthwatering fare in the heart of Twin Ports since 2013. The restaurant started small, but its popularity led it to expand to a larger space in 2015.

Initially started by some backyard smoking enthusiasts, OMC Smokehouse quickly took off as word spread about their melt-in-your-mouth brisket and fall-off-the-bone ribs.

While they've grown, OMC has stayed true to their roots. They still smoke all their meats low and slow over select hardwoods, just like they did from day one. Many of their recipes and techniques were passed down by the founders' Southern grandmothers. The results are authentic old-fashioned flavors, making OMC Smokehouse one of the best BBQ spots in the Midwest.

One fun fact about OMC is that they are certified by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Translated, this means they adhere to strict smoking and flavor standards. 

You can definitely taste the expertise in every bite. With classic barbecue plates and creative, chef-inspired specials, OMC Smokehouse has offerings to please every palate.


The vibe at OMC Smokehouse is laidback, charming, and welcoming. From the wood tables to the chic decor, OMC Smokehouse blends the vibe of a Southern BBQ joint with modern amenities. 

The space is full of warm and bustling energy as hickory smoke perfumes the scent.

Hearty portions of messy, mouthwatering barbecue goodness are served in red plastic baskets, reinforcing the down-home vibe. You can grab a beer from the cooler to pair with your meal or homemade lemonade served in mason jars. 

Dine at a booth or right at the counter - either way, you'll soak up the lively atmosphere filled with laughter and chatter. 

When looking for phenomenal BBQ in a cozy environment on your Twin Ports getaway, OMC Smokehouse is the place for you. 

OMC Smokehouse: Menu & Drinks

MC Smokehouse features all your barbecue favorites like brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and inventive specialties. Let's dive into some of the best things to sample. 

The Texas-style brisket is incredibly tender and smokey. It's rubbed with a blend of secret spices and then smoked for 14 hours over oak and hickory. 

The marbling of fat throughout the meat makes for unbelievable flavor. Many rave that it's one of the best briskets outside of Texas!

You can't go wrong with the baby back ribs, which come dry-rubbed or slathered in a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce. The meat practically falls right off the bone and melts in your mouth. Pair it with some of their crispy coleslaw or cheesy grits for the perfect barbecue plate.

For the adventurous, try the Burnt Ends Mac & Cheese. This monstrous comfort meal features smoked beef burnt ends served over ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese. It's rich, smoky, and irresistibly delicious!

Regarding drinks, the OMC's Peach Sweet Tea is a must-try. It's freshly brewed tea blended with peach puree for a refreshing, sweet, and slightly tart flavor. 

An adult beverage to try is the Smoked Old Fashioned. This craft cocktail features smoked sugar cubes and orange peel, making it ideal for your barbecue feast.

OMC Smokehouse combines the flavors of Texas and Southern BBQ in a quaint roadhouse setting, making the perfect stop on a Minnesota vacation.

Local Tips

  • Come early if dining on a weekend - this place gets packed!
  • Bring cash for quicker service at the counter.
  • Try the banana pudding for dessert - it sells out fast.
  • Sit out on the patio if the weather permits for a fun vibe.
  • Check the specials board - they often have creative weekly specials.
  • Take some sauce home - their original BBQ sauce is bottled and sold onsite!


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