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So, beer lovers, imagine a brewery where once your drinking age is confirmed and you're given a wristband, you're free to pour glasses of beer and pay by the ounce. If this sounds like beer heaven, get to the Duluth Tap Exchange! 

The story of the Duluth Tap Exchange is a testament to the city's love affair with craft beer. It was founded by friends who shared a passion for brewing and a desire to create a welcoming space for the local community to enjoy their creations. 

Since its inception in 2020, the Tap Exchange has become a hub for residents and visitors seeking exceptional brews.

With a commitment to showcasing a wide variety of craft beers, many of which are sourced from local and regional breweries, the Duluth Tap Exchange has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination for beer connoisseurs and those looking to explore the world of craft beer.

As mentioned, what makes the Duluth Tap Exchange beer Mecca is its "self-pour, pay-by-the-ounce" business model. By scanning your driver's license and opening a tab, the folks at Duluth Tap Exchange hand you an RFID wristband you use to unlock whichever tap grabs your interest. 

When vacationing in Twin Ports and seeking a unique dining experience, head to Duluth Tap Exchange and pour yourself a glass!


The vibe at the Duluth Tap Exchange is a lively blend of warmth and excitement. The establishment's inviting exterior features large windows that offer glimpses of the bustling interior. As you step inside, you'll be welcomed by the buzz of conversation, clinking glasses, and the aroma of delicious food.

The interior is a harmonious fusion of modern design and rustic elements. The spacious communal area is illuminated by warm lighting and adorned with unique brewery decor, creating an inviting and sociable atmosphere. Picnic tables and a patio in the back provide opportunities for shared experiences, making it an ideal spot for intimate gatherings and larger parties.

The relaxed and friendly vibe makes it equally suitable for a casual weeknight post-work pint or a celebratory occasion. Whether you're a beer aficionado or want to try something new, the Duluth Tap Exchange provides a welcoming and spirited setting.

Duluth Tap Exchange: Menu & Drinks

While beer is the name of the game at Duluth Tap Exchange, that doesn't mean you can't have a delicious bite to eat with your suds! Several options from Duluth Tap Exchange's friends and neighbors are on the menu.

You can try Shelton's Pizza from nearby Duluth's Best Bread! It's a delicious and hearty option, and its recipe constantly rotates based on availability, ensuring the freshest flavors and ingredients.

For a delightful appetizer, try the German pretzel, served warm and accompanied by nacho cheese and spicy mustard. It's the perfect pairing with your craft beer selection. There's also the fish bites, which provide crispy fried fish bites with creamy tartar sauce.

But no one will be visiting Duluth Tap Exchange for the food—the beer is where it's at, and you'll have plenty of options! The self-serving tap wall has over three dozen options, and the offerings are also constantly changing, so each trip will contain a unique experience!

Additionally, the establishment boasts craft cocktails and wine options to provide alternative choices for those looking for something beyond beer.

Local Tips

  • Duluth Tap Exchange hosts events and specials throughout the year!
  • The Tap Exchange gets busy during peak hours, so plan accordingly.
  • Wednesday is DJ Trivia night!
  • Check out weekly specials online! 
  • Rent the Tap Room for a special event!


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