Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery

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Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery
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When it's time for your first cup of Joe or a midday caffeine fix, one spot comes to mind: the Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery. 

The history of Duluth Coffee Company dates back to 2012 when Eric Faust, the founder, embarked on a mission to bring high-quality coffee to Duluth. With a dedication to sourcing the finest beans from around the world and a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, the company quickly gained recognition for its exceptional coffee.

Duluth Coffee Company expanded to include its cafe and roastery, providing a welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts to savor a freshly brewed cup and witness the craft of coffee roasting firsthand. 

To further advance his coffee roasting business, Eric has connected with farmers in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea, to list a few. This translates into customers getting the best-sourced beans possible. 

Today, Duluth Coffee Company & Roastery is a beloved destination for locals and visitors seeking a truly exceptional coffee experience.


The vibe at Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery is a delightful fusion of modernity and warmth. The exterior is unassuming, with large windows that invite you to peer inside. Once you enter, you'll find yourself in a space with a passion for coffee.

The interior is sleek and contemporary, with an open layout, clean lines, and tables and booths. Whether you want to share a meal with a friend or set up a laptop to finish work, the cafe is perfect for solitude and socializing. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air, adding to the sensory experience.

The vibe is relaxed yet energetic as coffee lovers chat, work on laptops, or enjoy sipping a carefully crafted brew. 

Whether you're a seasoned coffee fan or a casual coffee drinker, the Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery offers an inviting, coffee-centric ambiance.

Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery: Menu & Drinks

The fresh aroma of a baked treat, cappuccino, or French toast almost compels visitors to sit down and enjoy themselves. Still, the aroma isn't enough to keep people coming back. Rest assured that the food and drinks at Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery taste just as good as they smell!

Experience the essence of Duluth Coffee Company with their brewed, constantly rotating coffee lineup handpicked by Eric and the team. Each batch is meticulously prepared, highlighting the unique flavor profiles of the coffee beans. From fruity and floral to nutty and chocolatey, you'll embark on a flavor journey with every sip.

Pair your coffee with the Avo Toast prepared in the Duluth Coffee Company Kitchen next door. A delightful and nutritious option, the homemade brioche toast is served with fresh avocado, salt, and chili crunch. It's a satisfyingly simple choice for breakfast or brunch.

If you want something more indulgent, try one of the cafe's expertly crafted espresso-based drinks. From lattes to cappuccinos, each is a work of art, showcasing their coffee's rich and complex flavors. Since these can be made hot or iced, you'll get a comforting sip no matter the season.

Additionally, the cafe offers a variety of pastries and baked goods, making it an ideal spot for a quick snack or a leisurely breakfast. When your Twin Ports getaway needs a jolt of caffeine or a place to relax with delicious coffee, get to Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery. 

Local Tips

  • Parking can be limited in the area, so consider using nearby parking lots.
  • Would you like to learn more? The website has a whole section on education!
  • Like your cup of joe? Consider a subscription? They ship nationwide.
  • Alternative milk options are available for those with dietary restrictions.


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