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There is so much to do in Sunriver that it is easy to overlook this experience, but Wheel of Fun Rentals is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. You arrive and find lots of options for rentals on the lawn to choose from – and it can be hard to choose how you will spend your time. The company is a bike rental organization, and it offers a variety of options for everyone involved, whether you are on your own for a single bike or you want to choose one of the fun ways to explore the area with a group.

We always book an experience with these bikes. The kids love to rent the electric bikes, and I have to say they are super fun to enjoy. They also offer tandem bikes which are fun for a romantic evening or just to take out and ride around. We have also selected the Surrey, which is the perfect way to explore the area with a group, including those who may not like to ride.

Types of Bikes

The hardest part of the process is picking your experience. There are various types of bikes to check out, and I have to remember a few options. First, the Surreys. These are bikes that everyone gets to pedal that can hold two, four, or even six people. They offer a little overhead coverage, so that's great for those who will be out in the sun all day. They are a lot of fun and a great way to get around inexpensively. At least rent one for an hour to try it out.

The kids, on the other hand, love the other options, and that includes the coupe. The Deuce Coupe is perfect for two people. These are low to the ground bikes that are a lot of fun to steer. They also have the chopper, which is a bit bigger, and the quad sport. They don't take a lot of skill to learn, and even if you cannot ride a traditional bike, you can do this.

Now, in reality, if you are going to explore the bike trails in Sunriver, the best way to do that is with traditional bikes. We like this after spending an hour on the other options. You can rent a cruiser bike, which is more like an old fashioned bike, or a traditional bike. Both kids and adults are available. When the kids were super young, we used to rent a kid's trailer that hooks onto the traditional bike. They could sit in there, protected from the elements, while we explored the surrounding areas. I also saw that you could rent baby joggers.

Location and Environment

The Wheel Fun Rentals location is right in the Old Mill District in Bend. They used to be located in Sunriver, but that location closed. You can rent a bike in Bend, though, and then take that around the region, including along the bike trails.

There are some great people that work here, and it is super easy to get out there and try them out. You do not have to be afraid to rent and get out there to explore the area. We loved it, as did my senior parents.

Rentals and Rates

In my experience, costs have changed over time, but I have found that it is, overall, very affordable to explore this area. If you are going to get a Surrey (you definitely want to try this out), you will likely pay by the hour. We have found that an hour or so on these bikes is enough to give us our fill. We usually then book traditional bikes after that. The Surrey's range in price from $30 to $55 per hour.

For those booking the coupes and sport bikes, those are also rented by the hour. The Deuce Coupe was $30 an hour, and there seems to be only a handful of them available. They also have the chopper and quad sport which are $15 an hour.

When it comes to the bikes, you can definitely rent them by the hour if you do not plan to use them long. However, we tend to book at least half a day to check out the bike trails in the area. The costs are around $30 for a half day and $45 for a full day. The electric bikes tend to cost more. They were $50 for a half day and $75 for a full day when we last checked. Kid's bikes are less expensive at $20 for a half day and $35 for a full day.

I also like that they offer discounts from time to time. You can also book a tour if you like, which allows you to get some help exploring the area.


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