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A visit to Sunriver isn’t complete without a visit to SHARC recreation center. SHARC is an acronym for Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center, but don’t let that deter you from coming here. This rec center is open to Sunriver homeowners, but it’s also open to the general public. So you’re welcome to come with your friends and family. Incidentally, they are well aware that tourists might like to enjoy the facility, so even if you don’t live anywhere near Sunriver, you’re welcome here.

This facility is open year round, but it’s a lot more fun in the warmer months, simply because most of the amenities and fun stuff have to do with being outside. The public doesn’t have access to every single part of the facility, but you won’t even notice what you’re missing. There are so many fun activities for you and your friends and family that you’ll feel like you got your fair share and then some.

I highly recommend this rec center if you have children with you during your stay in Sunriver. The kids will absolutely love the open environment where they can play, make noise, run, jump and climb. They’ll get a week’s worth of exercise in one glorious afternoon, and you’ll get a week’s worth of happiness while you watch them. This rec center is so beautiful and well-designed, I have to say. It’s well-maintained and every aspect of it fits in very well with the surrounding landscape of Sunriver.

Getting There

SHARC is located at 57250 Overlook Road, next to the John Gray Amphitheater. They’re open year round, and the hours are Thursday and Friday, from 3:30 PM to 6 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM. It’s definitely more crowded on the weekends, plus you get to stay longer. From downtown Sunriver, take Abbott Drive northwest for a mile and that brings you right to SHARC.

Parking & Info

There’s a huge parking lot with plenty of space. As a visiting tourist, you’ll have to pay a hefty entrance fee that will be around $25-$50 per person. If you happen to know anyone who’s a member of the HOA, you might be able to have them get you a guest pass for the day. The facility is paid for by the HOA, and supplements their income with the entrance fees for the general public, so your entrance fee is going to help keep the rec center in such great shape.


The majority of the rec center is open to the general public, including both the recreation pools, indoor and outdoor, the lazy river, the tiny tots pool and the sand play area, the outdoor adult hot tub, the cafe and picnic area,  the two water slides, the playground, the disc golf course, the bocce ball court, the basketball court and the tubing hill.

They also have meeting space for a limited number of attendees, as well as the outdoor amphitheater, which can be rented and used for a variety of purposes, including things like family reunions, corporate events, weddings, receptions, social group gatherings, workshops, concerts, and similar events. The outdoor swimming pool has a fun little rope activity where you can practice your survivor skills in the water. The indoor pool is clean and tidy, and has a little water slide tube for the kiddies. The tots pool is really sweet. It’s a walk in, super shallow splash pool where kids can just enjoy water play in a safe environment.

Parents are still expected to monitor kids, however. The outdoor water slide is similar to what you’d find in a water park, except without all the negative aspects, like litter, etc. This is definitely an upscale version of a waterpark, with toned down activities. The playground is fun for the kids, and it has some shaded areas to keep kids comfortable and out of the sun. There are plenty of loungers set up around all the outdoor activities, so grown-ups can kick back and relax under their umbrellas. Note that you can’t bring food out to the pool areas or anywhere else. You have to eat on the outdoor patio only.


SHARC obviously takes pride in offering a high quality recreational experience for its guests. The bathrooms are sparkling clean and all the interior areas are equally clean and orderly. There is a paved walking trail that anyone can enjoy on foot (I’m not sure if bicycles are allowed). As far as food and drinks go, there’s a “shack" called the Reef Shark that offers a ton of selections, such as beef brisket sandwiches, turkey melts, salads, veggie bowls, chicken tender baskets with fries, mango smoothies, and even beer, cider and wine. SHARC is a great destination for you and your family when you want to get some fresh air, Oregon sunshine and exercise!

Local Tips

  • Hours vary depending on the season - see the SHARC website for the most up to date hours of operation.


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