Whiskey River Bar

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Whiskey River Bar
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Whiskey River Bar interior


When you need a lively night out on your Oregon getaway, plan a visit to  Whiskey River Bar.

This is more than a bar; it reflects Oregon's adventurous spirit, brought to life by Amanda and Michael Sumpter. They wanted to create a vibrant, adult-centric social space, and their hard work and dedication have paid off. Whiskey River Bar has quickly become a fixture for late-night revelers.

Since its inception, this bar has offered a unique ambiance that extends well into the night. The Sumpters, with their rich background in hospitality, have skillfully blended traditional bar elements with a modern cultural twist. The bar's name, Whiskey River, echoes the rugged and spirited past of the Oregon Trail, connecting the present with an era of adventure and exploration.

The location in Sunriver Business Park may seem ordinary, but Whiskey River Bar unveils its true character upon entry. Here, a synthesis of contemporary comfort and rustic charm welcomes patrons, embodying the essence of the local vibe. The Sumpters have created a space encapsulating the community's heart and spirit.

With extended hours and a lively ambiance, Whiskey River Bar is a Sunriver go-to destination for late-night dining and socializing.


The vibe of Whiskey River Bar is a captivating blend of rustic allure and modern sophistication. Upon arrival, the inviting patio beckons patrons into a world of relaxation and camaraderie with its picnic tables, fire pit, and benches. All this sets the stage for memorable Oregon nights under the stars.

The atmosphere seamlessly transitions inside, merging the West's historical essence with a sleek, contemporary design. The bar area with a pool table and dartboard encourages a relaxed and fun-filled environment. The carefully selected lighting enhances the welcoming and intimate setting, perfect for cozy conversations and lively group interactions.

Central to Whiskey River Bar's charm is its staff, led by the Sumpters, who radiate a friendly and inviting atmosphere. This sense of belonging and community is what sets the bar apart. Here, stories are shared, friendships forged, and every visitor becomes part of the Whiskey River family.

Whiskey River Bar: Menu & Drinks

Whiskey River Bar's culinary and beverage offerings are a delightful exploration of Oregon's flavors and the art of mixology.

Start your evening with the Three Finger Jack Basket. This delicious combination of fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks makes it an ideal beginning to your dining experience.

When you're ready for something more filling, opt for the pulled pork sliders. These exquisite sliders feature tender pork and cheddar cheese and are topped with a whiskey BBQ sauce on a Hawaiian bun, offering a burst of flavor with every bite.

You can't go wrong with flatbreads, and the Cowboy Flatbread is a winner. Relish in the harmonious blend of shredded pork, mozzarella, red peppers, onions, and sweet whiskey BBQ sauce, all on a crisp flatbread.

Whiskey River Bar's drink selection stands out and complements the food menu. The Spicy Margarita is a favorite, balancing spice with refreshing zest. The bar also features a selection of local brews on tap, highlighting the best of Oregon's craft beer scene.

Whiskey River Bar is where history meets modernity, community meets individuality, and every Sunriver visit becomes a part of an ongoing story.

Local Tips

  • Arrive early to enjoy the outdoor patio ambiance.
  • Try the famous Spicy Margarita for a unique twist on a classic.
  • Plan your visit on live music nights for an enhanced bar experience.
  • With ample parking, your visit will be convenient and stress-free.
  • Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the bar's setup on game nights.


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