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So, you're craving high-quality, house-made cuisine using locally sourced Pacific Northwest ingredients. Look no further than The Wallow Bar & Grill. 

Better known as The Wallow, this eatery defines itself as a place to meet and gather to indulge. And indulge you shall, for this restaurant takes great pride in serving bountiful fare from local farmers and fishermen. 

The restaurant's story is woven into the fabric of Sunriver, becoming a focal point where both guests converge to celebrate the region's culinary richness.

The Wallow celebrates local ingredients and artisans whose produce and creations find a home in the carefully curated menu. From succulent salmon to mouthwatering seasonal specials, each dish tells a story of the Pacific Northwest's diverse and abundant offerings.


The Wallow's exterior beckons with its unassuming charm, inviting all to enter a world where deliciousness awaits.

Inside, you're welcomed by an inviting ambiance that transcends the typical dining experience. The restaurant's commitment to the community is evident in every corner, from the warm hues of the decor to the friendly chatter that fills the air.

Local art graces the walls, showcasing the talent and creativity of the community. Wooden accents, comfortable seating, and a well-stocked bar contribute to a laid-back yet vibrant setting. The restaurant's layout allows for intimate dining experiences while accommodating larger groups, making it a versatile space for various occasions.

The outdoor seating area provides a breath of fresh air, allowing diners to soak in the natural beauty of Sunriver. The overall design and layout encourage a sense of togetherness, making it equally suitable for a casual meal with friends or a more intimate dinner for two.

The friendly and attentive staff add to the positive atmosphere, creating an environment where patrons feel valued and at home!

The Wallow Bar & Grill: Menu & Drinks

Indulge your senses in the diverse and delectable offerings at The Wallow Bar & Grill, where every dish is a culinary masterpiece. From fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the chefs craft an enticing menu that captures the essence of Pacific Northwest flavors.

A crowd-favorite is the seared Ahi tuna. Immerse yourself in the oceanic richness with a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that reflects the chef's culinary finesse. Savor the exquisite flavors of the Pacific brought to your plate with each perfectly seared bite.

Make reservations for the Friday Night Special, the prime rib. This succulent and flavorful dish has become a cherished tradition. Prepared to perfection, it's a culinary journey that promises to leave an imprint on your taste buds.

Who doesn't like tacos? And the tuna tacos at The Wallow will be an experience you won't forget. Flavorful, fresh tuna meets the perfect blend of spices and textures. Delight in the harmony of ingredients meticulously crafted into a taco that celebrates coastal influences.

When comfort food is needed, the Buffalo Mac will satisfy. This spicy fusion of zesty buffalo sauce and creamy macaroni creates a harmonious dance of flavors. It's a bold twist on a classic, designed to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your culinary senses.

Regarding drinks, indulge in the carefully crafted cocktails complementing the diverse menu. The bartenders at The Wallow are known for mixing up delightful concoctions, making your dining experience even more memorable.

For a unique dining experience showcasing Oregon's freshest ingredients, set your sights on The Wallow Bar & Grill. 

Local Tips

  • Fridays are Prime Rib nights, offering a special treat for meat enthusiasts.
  • Try the seared Ahi Tuna for a delightful burst of flavor.
  • Check out the daily specials for unique and seasonal dishes.
  • Opt for an early visit to avoid crowds, especially during the bustling summer.


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