The Grille At Crosswater

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The Grille At Crosswater
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The Grille at Crosswater is a distinguished dining establishment in the Sunriver Resort noted for fresh, local ingredients and creative cuisine. 

Under the guidance of Chef Jason Greene, The Grille at Crosswater is known for tasty New American cuisine, with breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains and resort golf course.

The Sunriver Resort, including The Grille at Crosswater, is managed by CoralTree Hospitality, which is known for its commitment to maintaining high standards of service and quality. 

This management change ensures that The Grille at Crosswater remains a top choice for diners seeking quality and authenticity​. 

The Grille at Crosswater, with its Friday and Saturday dinner service from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm, reflects the heritage and excellence of Sunriver Resort. Its dedication to offering a unique dining experience, with Chef Jason Greene at the helm, is in harmony with the resort's overall ethos of luxury, environmental integrity, and historical respect.


The Grille at Crosswater is adorned with natural wood and earthy tones and whispers stories of the region's rich heritage. Imagine dining alfresco, where the outdoor seating offers a symphony of serene mountain views and the golf course. 

Inside, you're welcomed into a quintessential Northwestern family dining room. The ambiance is comforting and elegant, a perfect backdrop for Chef Jason Greene's New American cuisine. Every dish celebrates the bounty of local produce, served with a level of attentive and unobtrusive hospitality. All these combine for a perfectly balanced Sunriver dining experience.

The Grille At Crosswater: Menu & Drinks 

The Grille at Crosswater's menu is a delightful exploration of flavors that blend local ingredients with innovative cooking. 

For an indulgent start, the Smoked Brisket Arancini is a must-try. With its mix of smoked brisket, Arborio rice, and white cheddar, fried to perfection and accompanied by a bourbon chipotle aioli and Carolina honey BBQ sauce, this appetizer is a symphony of flavors. 

Seafood lovers will revel in the Crab Fondue, a luxurious combination of Dungeness crab and four cheese fondue served with toasted ciabatta, offering a rich and creamy delight.

The entrée selections are equally impressive. The Roasted Half Duck, served with buttered peas, mashed potatoes, cherry ginger compote, and roasted pumpkin seeds, is a testament to the kitchen's expertise in balancing flavors and textures. 

Another winner is the Seared King Salmon and shrimp glazed with orange and ginger. This meal presents a fresh and zesty profile, perfectly complemented by jasmine rice and sautéed winter vegetables.

For wine enthusiasts, the Pinot Gris King Estate offers a crisp and refreshing choice, ideal for complementing the lighter dishes. With its vibrant and fruity notes, the Sauvignon Blanc Kim Crawford pairs beautifully with seafood dishes. And for those who prefer a richer wine, the Chardonnays like Dusky Goose and Jordan provide a fuller-bodied experience, excellent with heartier meals such as the roasted duck or filet mignon.

When looking for a stellar meal in an elegant setting, The Grille at Crosswater will not disappoint.

Local Tips

  • If you have specific dietary requirements, The Grille at Crosswater is accommodating. They offer options for vegan and gluten-free diets, ensuring everyone has a pleasant dining experience.
  • The Grille at Crosswater requires reservations, so book in advance to ensure a table.
  • The Grille at Crosswater is kid-friendly, making it an excellent family option. They offer a separate kids' menu to cater to younger tastes.
  • Do you have an event coming up? Let The Grille at Crosswater cater it for you.
  • There is a dress code. Check their website for details. 


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