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The Fold Craft Pizza and Kitchen (just called The Fold by most) is a fun, upbeat, and tasty location to visit for any meal. It is a popular location, which means it is often a very good idea to make reservations in advance if you are coming in. When we visited, we waited for a bit, and it was well worth it. The location in Sunriver, Oregon, is no doubt a top notch pizza shop, but there is more to enjoy here than just pizza. There is a full bar, too. There are a few things that are very different about this company over others.

A lot of their foods and ingredients are made from scratch, and you can tell the difference in them. I found that everything we enjoyed was full of flavor and outstanding quality. I also like that you can update or change just about anything on the menu to fit your unique tastes.

Location & Environment

Inside, The Fold is bright and welcoming. It is very well maintained. You can sit at the bar, but most people sit at one of the tables. You can check out the TVs for what’s going on. It’s not a huge location, but that is why you want reservations whenever it is possible.

The restaurant itself is easy to get to. It is located in The Village at Sunriver area, close to El Caporal Sunriver, a Mexican restaurant. It is located just a few minutes from Abbot Drive. You can also get to the area from Beaver Drive. The outdoor area has some seating areas (the mall area in general), but you are welcome to enjoy a meal inside.

What’s Good

We enjoyed a big menu of food when we visited as a family. I can say that no one was disappointed, and the quality of everything was great. There are a few things that seemed to stand out to us, though.

One of the first things we enjoyed was the Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings. I found them to be full of flavor with a nice bite of heat. They were meaty and bigger wings than I have had at other locations. They come out with blue cheese crumbs on them, a bit of chives on top of that, and then served with gouda and blue cheese dressing for lots of tang.

Another winner on the menu was the Folded Bahn MI. It is an excellent choice for those looking for something with lots of flavor that is still on the lighter side. It is a very cool, folded sandwich. What we learned was that the company uses the same pizza crust and style to make these, but they are folded into a sandwich and filled to the brim with various ingredients. This one included pork that was tender and soft, pickled carrots, daikon, and jalapenos for a bit of heat. It comes with a cilantro aioli dipping sauce. It was really good and full of flavor.

We also got a pizza to share. There are a lot of fun options here. In the past, we have tried a few different options. I have to recommend the Bee Sting. This pizza is fantastic – the crust is crisp and chewy, with just the right level of consistency overall. It also has a rich tomato sauce on it. It is topped with sausage (which they make in house) as well as peppers, onions, provolone, parmesan, and basil, and there is a drizzle of honey on it that has a nice level of spice on it.

Another favorite is the Notorious P.I.G. This pizza is huge, and you will find it is very filling. We loved the house sausage that’s on it, along with Calabrian peppers. Then, it gets a bit interesting with the ingredients. It has broccoli rabe on it, then a mozzarella and provolone cheese blend. It is then topped with sliced lemon. It sounds strange, but it all comes together so well you can easily fall in love with it.

Sweets & Drinks

If you are looking for a dessert, I highly recommend the Chocolate Cookie Ala Mode. It is this massive chocolate fudge cookie that is topped with vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar, with just enough fudge on top of that.

Don’t forget the drinks, too. They have a full bar, and just about anything you want is available. I also like the draft beers here, including the various IPAs and ciders. You’ll find a few seasonal beers here as well throughout the year. They have cocktails, and there’s a happy hour as well. They also have some specials that change every day – check out the lunch specials if you are visiting the area and want a great deal on popular options where the full menu is available.


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