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When you visit Sunriver Brewing Company, you will feel right at home if you appreciate handcrafted, artisan beer and a fantastic night out with delicious food. This is a traditional American brewpub with food that is inspired by other cultures. Some of the nation's cleanest water, coming from the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, is one of the main reasons Sunriver Brewing Company chose this location for its headquarters.

The Beers & Quality

They routinely brew four different kinds of beer: Northwest Ale, Hefeweizen, India Pale Ale, and Irish Stout. They also produce a lot of seasonal ales. Depending upon when you come here, you’ll be able to taste at least one of them. They also brew speciality ales with various and interesting flavors. Oregon and in particular this region, has become a top vacation spot for those who appreciate finely-crafted beer and the great outdoors. If that’s one of the reasons why you’ve come, you definitely need to check out Sunriver Brewing Company.

The place first started out in 2012 as a family-friendly restaurant, and it hasn’t forgotten its roots. There’s even a kids' area to entertain the little ones while you and your family enjoy your lunch. I would describe it as a relaxed family atmosphere, but with craft beer, so the best of both worlds! They are also environmentally-aware.They make and bake their own beer pretzels, calzones, and buns, and make all of their own sauce, soup stock and dressing. When possible, they source goods and services locally or at least within the general region. Among their environmentally friendly initiatives is the use of sugarcane-based biodegradable takeout containers, which I’d never even heard of before.

Location & Environment

Sunriver Brewing Co. is open everyday from 11 AM to 9 PM. They offer dine-in, takeout and delivery. They have a patio where you can enjoy your beer and/or meal. They’re the ideal place to bring the whole family, including the family dog, who is welcome out on the patio on a leash. The environment is very friendly, but the craft beer crowd is pretty serious, I have to say. The head brewer is certified, trained and is a graduate of the American Brewers Guild, with a degree in Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering. In other words, laid back, but they take their craft brews very seriously. No messing around in the back, I can promise you that.

I love this place because it's so popular, has a great crowd and a great location right in the heart of Sunriver. You can get a table on the patio, order up, and just watch the people go by, chat with your friends or your waiter. It’s well-shaded, so you’ll be comfortable, and the ambience is just very sociable and fun.

What's Good

As i mentioned, Sunriver Brewing Co. serves American food with flare. So, for example, there’s the turkey, bacon and pesto “sando,” served with an herb aioli that’s to die for, by the way, and the usual bacon, turkey and lettuce, with pesto on a hoagie bun. I ordered the French Onion Soup because it’s something that I can’t make at home, and it was so delicious I ended up drinking out of the bowl to get the last drop. My friend ordered the General Two Fred Cauliflower (vegetarian items are marked with a “v” on the menu), and it was surprisingly awesome, served with a garlic ginger sauce with honey. They also have “non-beer” libations, like prosecco, and a modest selection of red and white wines from the Northeast region of the country.

Beer on Tap

First of all, if by any chance this is your first time experimenting with craft beers, be forewarned, this is not Miller Lite territory. You won’t be able to down six pints (maybe not even two), without feeling the effects. I’m not sure what the exact alcohol content is for what you’ll be drinking, but it’s listed on their menu so you’ll be able to tell. They have one called Sasquatch that has 9% alcohol, just so you have that in your pocket for reference. I believe their “weakest” brew, alcohol-wise, is Rivermark, at 4.8%. But don’t confuse the alcohol content with the taste. Rivermark could very well be just as rich tasting as Sasquatch.

What you want to do is to get your server’s recommendation. At Sunriver Brewing Company, they hold private tastings with their staff before and after hours. They do that to ensure that all their staff knows what the beers taste like, what they pair well with and how to describe them to customers. So get friendly with your waiter and see what they like and why. Then throw caution to the wind, take their advice and order something you wouldn’t normally choose. I bet you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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