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At the Village, Starbucks is available and ready to help you prepare for your day on the trails. We have come here so many times that I cannot count as we prepare for our day. While we visit Starbucks throughout the state and in our home area, we find this location to be a bit more special. The people are great, and the quality of everything we get is always so consistent.

If you do not know, Starbucks is a coffee shop that offers some of the best options in terms of pick me ups out there. It is perfect for hot chocolate to warm up the kids after spending the day on the slopes and the perfect place to get an early morning coffee so that we can just get out there. This location is open at 6 am most days, from our experience, and is always a must stop on our way into the area.

One tip is to use their mobile ordering if you are in a hurry. On the weekends especially, it can become very busy thanks to the location. For that reason, we like to do the mobile order service whenever possible to help us to get on our way faster.

Location and Environment

The Starbucks in Sunriver is easy to locate in the Village Sunriver, a large area of stores and restaurants. It is on Beaver Drive, right off Abbot Drive. It is the perfect location for those who are on their way to the mountain to do some skiing or come into the city for their first day here. We love all of the intimate touches on the walls, including a bit of info about the founding of the area and resort. It is definitely worth the read.

As for the environment, this Starbucks location is pretty nice and clean. It always seems to be pretty well stocked and organized. Even when it is busy, we do not normally have any trouble finding what we want or need. We also have had some great experiences finding all of the fun cups and special products available, even when our other locations (we love Starbucks) tend to be without them!

Also important is that there is a drive thru here, and that has helped us plenty of times as we crawled out of bed exhausted from a day on the slopes. You don’t even have to be dressed to enjoy it all. There is also an outdoor seating area which makes for a great way to watch the sun come up in the early mornings. This is great to do in the summer.

I also want to point out that a few times, I have had to find some time to work while visiting the area. Though the internet can be spotty throughout Sunriver, I always seem to have a great WiFi connection when I visit Starbucks. It’s possible to grab a table and some coffee and work when you need to do so.

What’s Good

The Starbucks menu here is much like what you would expect from any location. They have all of the best drinks for coffee lovers. Our favorites include the Caffe Misto and the Honey Almondmilk Flat White. They have lots of lattes, including a lot of fun seasonal options (the pumpkin and spiced options in the winter are perfect for warming you up!) The kids love the white chocolate mocha, but really we have tried a lot of great options here.

This is one of our favorite quick breakfast locations, too, and with good reason. We can really rely on the area for lots of hot food and not have to wait too long. We enjoy the sandwiches, such as the turkey bacon, cheddar, and egg white sandwich. You can also check out some of the wraps like the spinach, feta, and egg white wrap. They also have Starbucks famous egg bites here, the last time we visited. We tried out the kale and mushroom egg bites.

They also have a great lunch menu. There are various sandwiches available, like the tomato and mozzarella on focaccia and the turkey, provolone, and pesto on ciabatta. You can also find their protein boxes available – which are a great pick up to take with you on the trail. Enjoy those while you are on the lift to get a boost of protein.

I will have to admit that I have lots of experience with the bakery here, too. It is a great place to get a bit of sugar to pick me up in the afternoon. There are lots of tasty treats available in the case most days for those that want something sweet for breakfast like our son does. And for others, they do have oatmeal and yogurt at this location as well, which is the perfect breakfast every time.


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