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Josie K’s Deli & Kitchen is a combination of a deli and a specialty food store. It offers sandwiches and a number of pre-made meals. You can also find all of the wine and beer that you want to take with you for a picnic in the woods or anywhere else.

There are a lot of things to love about this location, but it is a family built and run establishment that’s super friendly. Josie K is the name that’s a combination of the owner’s Italian grandmothers, Great Grandma Josie and Grandma Karen.

The location is a bit unique. When you visit, you can check out all of the premade meals – these are homecooked meals, not frozen products mass produced. You can choose what you like and take it home with you to bake. If you rented one of the homes or cabins in the area, this is by far the easiest way to feed your family when you don’t want to prep stuff from scratch, but you want great food.

You can order online, or you can pick up what you want when you visit the location. If you want to get something ready made so you can get going quickly, I recommend using the online ordering.

Location & Environment

Josie K’s Deli & Kitchen is a fun location right in the heart of Sunriver. Located on Venture Lane, it’s close to a number of other establishments like the Sunriver Brewing Company, Subway, and Mountain Jug. It is located just off S. Century Drive.

The location is clean and cute. We found it to be super inviting and welcoming! We initially stopped in for drinks (which they have a lot of choices) and then picked up a few other things before coming back another day for a meal. There are some tables outside to sit and relax in the warm weather. You can cool off by enjoying your meal inside as well. This is a smaller location and simple enough for just about any trip when you want something affordable that’s also really filling and perfect for the wilderness adventures you may be planning to engage in.

What’s on the Menu

If you are visiting to pick something to eat right away, the sandwiches here are perfect. They are stuffed full of goodness, and everything we tried was very fresh. There are a lot of sandwich combinations, including a turkey and provolone sandwich, roast beef and cheddar sandwich, a ham and Swiss sandwich, and, which we did not get to try because it was out of stock, Mama’s Meatloaf Sandwich. That’s just a few of the options, too!

If you may not want the actual deli sandwich for your choice, you can also check out the other items on the menu. That includes a cup of soup (these change often, and you’ll need to ask what is available for that day). In addition to that, they have a Belly Buster Chili Dog. We didn’t order this, but we saw it, and it was impressive. It has cheddar cheese and onions on top. There’s also an option of getting a classic hot dog or a cup of chili, in case you want both but in larger portions.

Also, note that they have a cup of tuna if you want a tuna salad option. It’s a great choice overall for a snack.

During the morning hours, they do have a breakfast lineup to choose from. That includes a breakfast burrito that has sausage, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and potatoes in it. That’s a super filling burrito that is perfect for eating before you plan to head out onto a long trail to walk. They also have a breakfast sandwich that has ham or bacon as well as a scrambled egg and cheese. I also noticed you can purchase bagels during the breakfast hours.

As for the homemade dishes, you have to see what’s in stock and ready to go when you visit. These change often, and we cannot possibly provide any type of insight into what is available on any given day. Be sure to ask them to customize any of the sandwiches they make, too. The staff was super friendly.

Our Recommendations

The Dagwood Sandwich was an excellent choice. It offers thinly cut turkey, salami, ham, and provolone cheese. It also has mayo, mustard, shredded lettuce, white onions, pickles, and tomato. It was fantastic on a soft bun.

Another option we tried was the Chopped Dagwood. It was basically the same thing that was on the sandwich, but it was placed on chopped lettuce and served in a little bowl. What I liked about this is that it gets rid of the carbs from the bread. It’s a good option for a cheat-like salad with lots of flavors.


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