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When you are about to head out to explore the hiking trails, do some skiing, or bike, like we planned during our weekend in Sunriver, you have to have enough fuel for the day. We found the best place for it. It's a smaller location called Hot Lava Bakery, right at The Village of Sunriver. It's known for its hot coffee (the freshest in the area we found!) and its homemade pastries.

If you are local to the area, I learned on a trip here that they make custom cakes! Hot Lave Bakery has got to be the best option in the area for a fantastic, original cake since everything else they have is so good. There are often some cakes available in the display.

Speaking of the display, that's the first thing you see when you walk into this small little bakery. There are numerous trays of items within it, including whatever was freshly made that day. You can pick what you want (and you hope that by the time you get to the front of the line, what you want is still available!) It's not too crowded, and it is certainly a welcoming location to visit.

Location & Environment

Hot Lava Bakery is only open from 7 to 4 each day during the summer months. You can get there from Abbot Drive to Beaver Drive. It's located within The Village of Sunriver shopping and dining area. That makes it super easy to get to since that's where other restaurants are as well.

The location is well lit and welcoming. There are areas to sit and enjoy what you've bought, or you can head out on your way. The smells are magical, and the coffee instantly wakes you up when you walk in. The smell of fresh bread is also everywhere. It seems like they are always baking something.

Popular Pastries

The menu here seems to change, but you are going to want to visit at least one time each day you're in town to try something new. There are some fantastic tarts with sweet cream, strawberries, and blueberries. These are not necessarily breakfast items, but they do have fruit (and that makes them breakfast, right?) They also have some fantastic cupcakes. Buy one in the morning for a treat later in the day. That's what we did.

I have seen breads, rolls, lots of interesting treats, and tarts. They also have a lot of freshly made (and sometimes huge) cookies to choose from, which are the perfect pick me up after a day outside.

Coffee & Beverages

Hot Lava Bakery also has some great coffee and beverages. We enjoyed a sweet berry smoothie that was rich and vibrant – you could just taste how fresh the ingredients were that went into it. It didn't feel like the processed stuff you get at other coffee shops in the area. There are a range of coffee options, including all of the traditional items you can typically find at coffee shops. The fresh brews are fantastic, with both light and dark roast options.

There's also nothing better than some hot tea or hot chocolate if you are visiting the area during the winter months (we've done this before). You can warm up with a freshly made donut and a cup of hot chocolate before heading out. The kids loved this option. Or, if you are spending half a day on the trails, come back in before they close for the day to warm back up. It's so easy to get to that that hot drink is always within a moment's reach!

Breakfast Items

Hot Lava Bakery is a fun place to stop for breakfast. We found that it is best to come in to get a cup of coffee and a fresh fritter or a scone, sit down, and relax before heading out for the day. They also have bagels and strudel, which are by far some of the freshest items we have ever had in the area or at home. The menu differs throughout the year, but we found some outstanding options like dumplings and cinnamon rolls that are options for breakfast. You can also find lots of donuts of various types.

What's Nearby

The Village at Sunriver is a complex that has a number of shops and restaurants within it. That includes Hot Lava Bakery. There are plenty of things to do and see in this open air mall area. There are a few places for craft beer and several shops. We find it's always worth spending an afternoon or evening checking out the little shops in this area. Of course, it is also only minutes from the river and the national forest for those who want to stay close to the Sunriver Resort region.


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