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Big Belly Burgers and Brews
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Two things that taste good together and seem destined to be united are burgers and beers. And at Big Belly Burgers and Brew, you can bet they embrace this truth and deliver big tastes. 

The eatery has been open since 2021 and has become a cherished destination for those in the area​​​​.

The approach at Big Belly Burgers and Brew reflects a deep passion for serving tasty food and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. This commitment is evident in the service and menu offerings. 

The folks at Big Belly Burger and Brew insist on market-fresh ingredients and honest cooking. This dedication to quality is the cornerstone of a great dining experience​.

Big Belly Burgers and Brew caters to a wide range of schedules, allowing early birds and night owls to enjoy what Big Belly offers​.


The exterior of Big Belly Burgers and Brew presents a welcoming facade that seamlessly blends with the beauty of Oregon. 

The interior has been recently remodeled, showcasing the establishment's dedication to creating a delightful decor. The casual setting is complemented by friendly staff, creating a welcoming and relaxed environment. 

Guests can sit outside, soak in the Oregon sun, or enjoy the interior setting. And with three big-screen televisions, Big Belly Burgers and Brew is perfect for sports fans!

The interior decor includes oversized bar stools that indicate comfort and style. Additionally, there's a table made from gears with a glass top, adding an industrial-chic touch. 

The ambiance of Big Belly Burgers and Brew will make your Sunriver dining experience memorable. 

Big Belly Burgers and Brew: Menu & Drinks 

For burger enthusiasts, the Chili Cheeseburger is a must-try. It's a delectable combination of beer-infused nacho cheese, chili, and onions, creating a rich and savory experience with every bite. 

Another standout is the Bacon Jalapeño Jack, which combines the spiciness of sautéed jalapeños with the crispness of bacon and the smoothness of jalapeño jack cheese. It's a symphony of flavors that's bold and comforting.

The Classic Reuben is a delightful choice if you're looking for something other than a burger. With its tender corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing, it's a classic done right. 

For those who prefer a lighter option, the Almond Chicken Salad is a beautiful blend of diced chicken, almonds, apples, dried cranberries, and celery, all brought together with a special sauce.

Big Belly offers a selection of beverages, including domestic and imported beers, microbrews, and craft beers on tap to accompany your meal. 

Their house wines, available in white and red, are an excellent choice for those who prefer a glass with their meal. And for something a little different, try the Big Belly Bloody Mary, a signature cocktail that is as flavorful as it is refreshing.

Big Belly Burgers and Brew offers made-to-order food using fresh ingredients that are guaranteed for a memorable dining experience. 

Local Tips

  • Children can enjoy colorful tables and coloring sheets, making it a comfortable experience for families with young ones.
  • Be aware of the restaurant's closing time. Despite the official closing time being 8:00 PM, there have been instances of early closing at 7:00 PM. It's a good idea to arrive earlier to ensure service​​.
  • Order online for pickup to enjoy at your Casago rental.
  • Weather permitting, dine outside to enjoy Oregon's scenery and weather. 


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