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Driving through Rocky Point, you'll notice that going to the ice-cream shop is a popular family tradition. Between the Thrifty and La Michoacana locations in town, there's almost an ice-cream spot on every corner! 

A lot of things are surprising and different, yet familiar too at La Michoacana, the chain of ice cream stores found throughout Mexico, and one of the first and most successful franchises to come from that country. Like a lot of places in the U.S., you can stare through the glass at the tubs of ice cream, have a sample and get a cone or cup. 

What treats are available at La Michoacana Natural?

Ice Cream

The ice cream is the main attraction at La Michoacana, of course. If you get the chance to try a few different flavors, you're sure to find a favorite or two. Their flavors are more unique than the flavors you may find in your general grocery store. They carry some combinations such as Tequila Almond (so good!) and other liquor-infused flavors. Additionally, they have all the classics you know and love!


At La Michoacana you can also get great paletas. Basically popsicles, authentic flavors run from the familiar (strawberry, coconut) to the unusual (butter, bubblegum). Lots of the paletas are made from fruits from Mexico that you may not have tried before. Ask about Maracuya, Nance, Mamey, or Tamarindo if you're looking to branch out.

Licuados & Frozen Yogurt

Licuados are a big styrofoam cup of sweet fruit flavored drinks full of ice, and real chunks of fruit. Try the pineapple, or Jamaica, or mango. A perfectly refreshing treat on a sunny afternoon. Or try the frozen yogurt with chunks of real fruit in it, you can’t go wrong with that!

Fresas con Crema

This is a little cup or box of frozen strawberries that get covered with sweetened cream. Simple, but extremely tasty. 

La Michoacana Locations

There are a few around town, but the main Michoacana is in El Centro, on Blvd. Melchor Ocampo. The smaller locations are not quite as spacious or established, so for the full experience with the largest selection, the main location is the best to visit! If you are looking for fun family activities, La Michoacana is a great choice! 

Local Tips

  • They have a coin-operated carousel horse for kids to play on at the main location in El Centro.
  • There are multiple La Michoacana locations in Rocky Point.


5/5 (6)
Juan Martinez
La Michoacana is one of my favorite places to get Fresas con Crema. Strawberries with delicious cream. I go to La Michoacana at least twice a week.
Elsa Camacho
Horchata water and jamaica with lemon is always my best option here, really recommended.
William Pierce
Michoacana is a delightful ice cream shop. In addition to its delicious ice cream, the shop also offers a range of natural juices, making it a great option for a refreshing treat on a hot day, I recommend trying out the lemonade combined with the jamaica, a traditional Mexican juice. Whether you're in the mood for a creamy scoop of ice cream or a refreshing natural juice, Michoacana is sure to satisfy you. Overall, this ice cream shop is a great choice for a sweet and delicious treat.
5 stars! La Michoacana is a great spot for ice cream in Rocky Point, with locations on almost every corner! It's a great place to sample flavors and get a cone or cup. It's a familiar yet surprising experience that we love!
Manuel Fernandez
My favorite place to have drinks in summer. My go-to order is the agua fresca half lemon half hibiscus, it's so refreshing. They have a sitting area where you can enjoy your drink and something to eat, I recommend the nachos but with doritos and extra jalapeños.
Ana Karen Villa
I have always known that La Michoacana is a very clean place, it is an accessible place with a variety of ice cream flavors, I always go for my delicious strawberries with cream. You can order to go or sit at their tables to enjoy.

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