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If you're looking for a place to let loose and have some fun, look no further than Tekila's Bar. This local bar offers a stunning view of the Malecon from the terrace and has been in town since 2012. This lively spot is well-known for its tequila specials, raging dance parties and live bands; country, rock, and Latin music are the favorite genres to play. With an accommodating atmosphere, full bar, satisfying food, and a variety of things to do, they have become one of the most recognizable names on the strip! So put on your best party outfit and head on down to Tekila's for a night you'll never forget!

The Best Bar in Rocky Point

As you enter the bar you'll see a set of neon art with beautiful colors and lights everywhere, there is a big bar counter and people use this space to dance or play beer pong among other popular drinking games! The staff can provide you with the necessary items for this if you feel like getting a round of beer pong with your peers. When you go up thru the stairs to the front you will see  the stage where usually the bands play to enlighten your afternoon with rock 80s classics and latin mixes, the bar is located on the side of the building and as you keep your way, you will come across a terrace with a incredible view of the Malecon, you can get to see the lights of this lively street but also the beautiful sunset on the sea, far away from the shore.

There is a huge bar-type table thru the terrace and wood bar tables all along at the other side you will see another stage where sometimes bands play as well, there is a fun hall full with popular drinking phrases and more tables! This bar has plenty of space for big crowds and the service is first level. In addition to their great drinks they also throw the best weekend parties. Lastly, this is one of the establishments that's open really late - til 3AM on the weekend!

Gotta Try Items at Tekila

They do have special daily deals as well, so we highly recommend just heading over and asking your server for the special of the day. They've got delicious drinks, appetizers, salads, tacos, seafood, American food, Sonoran food, and even a kid's menu! If you need some help deciding, here are some of our favorite picks:

Sampler Tray

For a drinking night we highly recommend this option, it's a tray that includes cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers, quesadillas, taco shells, hot wings, molletes (a traditional mexican snack), and melted cheese to top it all! This tray is enough food to fill 4 people. 


In Mexico, there is a type of steak known as arrachera. It is made from flap meat, and it is usually marinated and grilled. In many parts of the country, it is considered to be a regional specialty. Here, this delectable dish is accompanied by guacamole and tortillas.

Cherry Smash Cocktail

This cocktail is gonna give you the punch you need to keep with your party night. Don Julio Tequila, agave , lemon juice and smashed cherry are the main components of this delicious cocktail.

Mexican Sunset Cocktail

Tequila, peach, amaretto and mixed juices, this beautiful drink is a nice way to commemorate a trip to Mexico, Cheers!

They serve lunch and dinner and what makes this place so fun to visit is that no matter what time of the day. You will feel like its a party with the lively, happy ambiance and the music. In addition to that, they have a wonderful patio for open-air dining or drinks. For these reasons, this popular spot earns a place on our top for bars to visit!


4.5/5 (3)
Daniel Soto
Day drinking with a breathtaking view! I always get a cold beer and hot wings.
Clarissa ML
I really like to visit this place with my friends. We had a lot of fun. It has a very good atmosphere, drinks and live music!
Fernando S
Tekila Bar is simply the best bar in town. I recommend "cherry smash cocktail".

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