Manny's Beach Club

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Right on the beach, sprawling Manny’s has a lot going on. There are palapa-covered tables for toes-in-the-sand drinks and seafood cocktails on a sunny day. They have a spacious outdoor music stage, pool with a swim-up bar… you name it. 

Swings line the bar instead of bar stools, and comfy Adirondack chairs invite you to recline while waiting your turn at corn hole toss. There is always a band playing at the beachfront stage on the weekend, and the ocean is just a few burning barefoot steps away.

The History of Manny's

Manny’s was a Rocky Point institution for years, but at one point closed its doors. It has come roaring back, and really makes the most of its beachfront location. An inside bar with its own stage is known as ‘The Office’ - in addition to the big shade palapa out back that is the heart of Mannys. 

You might expect the menu to feature solely bar food at Manny's, and there certainly is lot to choose from. However, Manny's makes a point to offer a wide-ranging menu. From salads to pizzas, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Pretty much everything that you would expect is on the menu!

Something very unique about Manny's is that there is a mini-motel right on the premises! Offering modern, clean, beautiful accommodations right on the beach. One other special fact about Manny's is that Manny’s helps to maintain the beach here to a Blue Flag level of environmental cleanliness. It is certified and one of the few beaches like it in this part of Mexico.

Manny's Beach Club Menu:

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple bites

A tasty, classic flavor combination. Great with a cold beer. You get eight pineapple bites wrapped in bacon. 

Loaded Nachos

Pretty much the ideal bar snack. These nachos have lots of guacamole, jalapenos, sour cream, and of course refried beans. Your choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp on top.

Chile Relleno

A classic Mexican dish,a  Chile Relleno is a stuffed, roasted poblano chile filled with cheese, then deep fried. Mannys takes that a step further and offers a filling of either steak arrechera, shrimp, or chicken. Beans and rice on the side of course.

Avocado, Bacon and Eggs

Mannys offers up some nice breakfast items for early birds. The Avocado, bacon and Eggs is just that - a baked avocato topped with an egg, with cheese and bacon as well. 

Whether you're hungry after a long day of shopping on Rodeo Drive, or learning about local ecology at CEDO, or want to spend the evening jamming to live music with a "drink in your hand and feet in the sand", Manny's has got you covered.


Local Tips

  • Want to stay close to the action? Manny’s has a mini-motel right on-site!
  • Manny’s helps to maintain the beach here to a Blue Flag level of environmental cleanliness. It is certified and one of the few beaches like it in this part of Mexico.
  • Live music on the weekends.


5/5 (5)
Daniel Soto
Day drinking with a view? Sign me up! Best margaritas in town, and if it gets too hot they even have a pool!
Elsa Camacho
Always happy here, this is a very good place for a party. The food and drinks are awesome here!
Clarissa ML
I love this place, it has the best food and drinks you can eat and at the same time enjoy the music in front of the sea.
Manny's is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the ocean! The palapa-covered tables and seafood cocktails make it the perfect spot for a sunny day. The outdoor music stage, pool with a swim-up bar, swings at the bar, and corn hole toss are all amazing features. Plus, the live bands on the weekend make it even better! 5 stars!
Manuel Fernandez
I like to order a beer while sitting close to the beach at one of the tables. The waiters are very attentive to your needs. I have also ordered the nachos and they are very good. If im looking for a sweeter drink, I order the Piña Colada - one of the best in Rocky Point.

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