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What if you found your favorite home town Bistro on your next trip to Rocky Point? Thats Colin’s Cantina. You are almost guaranteed to make new friends here. Also, the menu is heavy on comfort food favorites from the States, like Bacon Blueberry Pancakes. Additionally there are dishes that seem to taste their best only when you travel south of the border, like Shrimp Cocktails! Are Margaritas a ‘dish’?

Family friendly Colin’s is at Princesa de Peñasco, one of towns most popular Resorts. Shaded patio tables sit next to the grassy, palm tree lined Resort grounds, making it a terrific spot to enjoy bottomless Mimosas on Sunday. Or, one-of-a-kind BBQ Short Rib Tacos, smoked on-site. The staff treats everyone like old friends (because many of them are).  Additionally, the restaurant hosts plenty of events which make for great mixers. For example, join them on Thursdays for Gringo Bingo and live patio music at night!

The bar is a great place to socialize, or watch a game while enjoying finger food with one of Colin’s uniquely tasty original mixed drinks. Try the maple bacon Margarita and expand your flavor horizons!

When it comes to affordability, Colin's Cantina is a great choice - especially for larger groups and families! Breakfast entrees average around $6.00 USD. Alternatively, lunch and dinner entrees average approximately $7.50 USD. So, even with a big family, you won't break the bank at this local favorite!

Colin's Cantina Favorites:

BBQ Short Rib Tacos

Colin’s fires up the smoker early every Tuesday so that by 3pm, the best Taco Tuesday in town can get underway. Caramelized onions and a unique, creamy/spicy salsa sit in contrast to the tangy sweet rib meat, taking these tacos to another level. Invariably, however many you order will not be enough, so expect to flag your waiter down for another round. Just remember, they only make a limited amount, so when they are gone they are gone. At least until next week! Colin's is also famous for their burgers so there's always a backup if they run out!

Mama’s Bacon Blue Pancakes

A breakfast highlight at Colins, two large pancakes generously dotted with whole blueberries, along with bits of bacon throughout. Big fluffy cakes, crunchy and salty bacon, tangy blueberries, maple syrup on top makes these exceptionally tasty. Want to try something really unique? Order the Jalapeno pancakes! Though they sound out there, they're actually quite popular.

Craft Beers

You can become familiar with a whole new world of beer at Colins. Along with old favorites like Tecate and XX, you will find offerings from some of Northern Mexico’s most well liked micro-breweries. Artisanal beer is a ‘thing’ around Tijuana and Ensenada, so check out this trend that has created some award winning brews. Colin's actually carries the largest selection of premier Mexican Craft Beers in town! 

Local Tips

  • One of the most popular group activities in town is Gringo Bingo on Thursday nights.
  • Live acoustic music on the patio during Thursday nights.
  • Offers Rocky Point's largest selection of fine Mexican Craft Beers.
  • Closed on Wednesdays.
  • Located inside Princesa de Penasco Resort.
  • BBQ Short Rib Tacos are just $1.50 USD on Taco Tuesdays!


5/5 (31)
Love this place.
Nayelly Zuluaga
Amazing drinks and excellent burgers! Loved it!
Ariana Cornejo
Collin's Cantina is a great place to get some delicious Mexican food and to enjoy some great company! The staff is friendly, attentive and always ready to make sure you're having a good time. They are always happy to help with any request or question you have and create a warm atmosphere. If you're looking for a fun and relaxed place to enjoy some tasty Mexican cuisine, Collin's Cantina is the place to be!
Priscila Luna Gortarez
I visited Colin's Cantina and I loved the quality of the service as well as their delicious BBQ burger.
Ana Lilia M
A really nice place, where you eat well and the service is excellent. They make you feel at home. I recommend the burgers and breakfasts are delicious, I often go there to spend a nice time with friends and family, do not hesitate to visit.
When you visit Colins Cantina you can't miss Monday's 2x1 hamburgers.
Great Service, great food, and friendly staff. You need to get some Coconut shrimp the best ones in town, located at the Princesa de Penasco, Collins has been one of the got-to-go restaurants, a very family-type of restaurant. The Rhonda's Burger IS A MUST. They are also now serving their own original cocktails. Collins is just so good!
Gissel R
One of my favorite places in Rocky Point, their food is delicious, especially the BBQ burger.
Zandy F
Delicious food, their specialty prepared drinks, hamburgers, and coconut-flavored shrimp, I recommend them, very pleasant and familiar atmosphere.
Juan Martinez
Colin’s Cantina has one of my favorite burgers in town. Whenever I feel like eating a burger my family and I always order the BBQ onion ring burger.
Juan Rojo
The menu here is so delicious, I love going with my friends, we always have a great time when we want to have a good dinner and good drinks! I love the cocktails and the wide options of craft beer you have. My favorite restaurant in place!
Marlon Lozano
It is a beautiful place, the food is very good. The employees are very nice and friendly.
Elsa Camacho
Really good place for a good plate, I really recommend Colins because the service and food are awesome.
Fernanda Chavez
One of my favorite spots to go to, the margaritas are so delicious and so are the BBQ hamburgers a favorite in the family. We love it !
I just want to say that the service is very good and that the last time we went, they sang to us. I love burgers and these burgers are good.
Issac Sanchez Lopez
Collins Cantina is a great place to have Breakfast/Dinner, they have many delicious options and many specials during the week, and they also do bingo on Thursdays. They also have Happy Hour Margaritas 2x1 every day, this place is awesome, I'll recommend it to everyone!!
Nidia Renteria
I only went once and I really loved Colin's Cantina, their food is excellent and tastes very good.
William Pierce
Collins Cantina has hamburgers that are juicy and delicious, and I loved the sweet potato fries. It also has a sports bar atmosphere that is lively and energetic, with multiple TVs displaying the latest games and sporting events. The staff is friendly and accommodating, always happy to help you find the perfect drink or dish. Whether you're in the mood for a juicy hamburger and a cold beer or a fun night out with friends, Collins Cantina has got you covered.
Clarissa ML
Excellent service. It's the best place to eat and enjoy any type of food. The view is amazing.
Fernando S
Collin's Cantina is a good place in Rocky Point to drink and eat!!
Guadalupe Rosas
The best place in rocky point with excellent service. Their drinks and food are delicious.
David Mejorado
Colins is such a great little hidden gem in our community. They have a great selection of appetizers which for me is so important for a restaurant like Colins.
David Mejorado
Colins is such a great little hidden gem in our community. The stand-out meals are definitely their burgers and bacon wrapped shrimp! They have a great selection of appetizers which for me is so important for a restaurant like Colins. It's a great little place to go with a couple of friends, order a few beers and have some appetizers while you watch Sunday football matches.
Suzette Marin
Excellent eating experience.. from walking in the door and being greeted by employee, seated and drink order taken, was maybe 5 minutes. Meal was served hot and excellent taste
Francisco javier Rodriguez vazquez
Our reservation was on a Monday and we enjoyed the 2x1 hamburger promotion. It was excellent! We also enjoyed a great variety of beer, and even drinks with bacanora.
Hilda C.
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Colin's Cantina while on vacation in Rocky Point. I highly recommend the BBQ short rib tacos and the Pancakes - both were incredibly tasty. The prices were incredibly reasonable, which was great for our large group. I had a great time with my friends, and I am sure I will be back soon! 5 stars!
Clarissa ML
Excellent service, this place is the best in town. Its beverages and food are very delicious, the sea is amazing.
Adriana Peña
I have been several times and always want to return. My family and I have been very well taken care of, the food is delicious, good quality and the best prices. I'll be back soon. Thank You.
Ismael M.
My family and I loved the atmosphere here, and the food too! You have to try the Supreme good! It's conveniently located at the hotel we stayed at. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
Ana Karen Villa
They have the best pancakes with bacon and blueberries. Whenever we can, my family and I go to Colin's for breakfast. We are also a fan of going to Bingo on Thursday afternoons. In addition to being cheap, it has an incredible view of the sea.
I love Colin’s cantina. They all do such a good job and the crew is always kind.. try the tacos.

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