Arcata Plaza Farmer's Market

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Saturday mornings in Arcata are for the Farmer's Market! Rain or shine, join dozens of vendors and local businesses in an outdoor shopping extravaganza in the Arcata Plaza. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the weather, shopping, and entertainment here.

During this event, many people set up blankets on the grass in the middle of the square and soak up the outdoors. Another local tip and trick - stop by a nearby cafe and pick up a coffee or beverage to sip on while you shop!

There is live music all over the plaza from 10:30AM-1:30PM to bring the market to life. Further, there are many people nearby that may be hula-hooping, dancing, or socializing. You never know what you may see here. It's important to note that while most places in Arcata are pet-friendly, the market is not one of them. Make sure to leave your furry friend at home for this event!

When is the Arcata Plaza Farmer's Market?

The Arcata Plaza Farmer's Market takes place every Saturday, all year-round. The market opens at 9AM, but we recommend getting there at 10AM. That way, you can be sure all the vendors have arrived and gotten set up. This event ends in the afternoon at 1:30PM. Though the market itself is open til 2PM, the vendors set aside some time to get packed up.

The Winter Market is a smaller event than the rest of the year. Winter Market takes place between the months of November-March. The main market covers the remaining months of the year. During summer is when you'll really see the market come alive! People love to shop for their staples while enjoying the outdoor sunshine. They also have around 70 vendors at the height of the season!

The market sets up in the main Arcata Plaza square. There is plenty of free parking along the street in this area of the city, but it can get very busy! We recommend arriving early or walking to the event.

What can you buy at the Market?

Anything and everything you may want to buy is at the market! It's a pretty big event for the locals, especially during their main season. Most items you find here are very reasonably priced, from $10 flower bouquets to $5 jars of jam.

Fresh Produce & Groceries

Of course, the main star of a farmer's market is all the fresh, non-GMO produce from local farmers. This market was started over 2 decades ago by a group of farmer's. So, it's no surprise that many locals are drawn to the market for this reason. You'll find all kinds of veggies and fruits, especially during the Main Market season. Choose from bunches of lettuce, green onions, cauliflower stalks, squash, herbs, and more! Some vendors also offer humanely raised meat and eggs. Aside from produce, you will find various other grocery items including hand-made jams, honey, baked goods, and breads.

Decor, Trinkets, & Jewelry

Though these items are not the main focus of the farmer's market, people love to stop by and admire all their goods! You can find shops that sell hanging art, jewelry, vases, and more - all made by local artists.

Hot Food

Grab a fresh bagel, loaded hot dog, plate of Ethiopian food, or even a mashed potato cone! At these hot food vendors, you may find a decent line.

Other Items

One of the most popular and unique shops here is called Gallop Homestead. They sell dried, ever-lasting flower bouquets and they definitely stand out among the other vendors because they are colorful and gorgeous.

What’s Included

  • Live music and dozens of vendors.

Local Tips

  • Arrive early to get parking or walk to the plaza.
  • Bring a blanket for a picnic or place to sit and enjoy the market!
  • Rain or shine - the market is open!
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking and unauthorized vending are prohibited.


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