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There is nothing like a visit to the redwoods in Humboldt County. For those who are planning to visit, it just makes sense to want to bring along your pet. The good news is that it’s easy to do. When it comes to dog friendly rentals Humboldt County visitors can enjoy these beautiful properties without having to worry about leaving their favorite pets at home.

When it comes to finding pet friendly vacation rentals in Humboldt, many property owners often allow dogs to come. They may have some restrictions on how many dogs or other types of pets may visit. You may also need to be sure the space is safe for your pet. The good news is this is very common, and you are sure to find more than a few options to take advantage of here.

Pet Friendly Activities in Humboldt County

Perhaps the best thing to do with pets on your visit to the area is to get outdoors and explore all that there is to do here. It is a stunning location with lots of opportunities for dogs to walk. There are a total of 17 parks within the county, and most of them have dog-friendly amenities. Not all have a paved path, as some are gravel or dirt paths. You may also want to check for leasing requirements, as nearly all parks in the area require them.

Consider taking your pet along the Humboldt Bay Trail. This is a fantastic experience right near the waterfront that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area while your dog can enjoy the scents along the way. The Hammond Trail is another exceptional location. Be sure to check out the Hammond Coastal Trail and Little River State Beach as well.

Depending on where you visit and what your pet enjoys doing, there are some fantastic considerations here. For example, you can bring your dog with you on one of the cruises out into Humboldt Bay. They are also welcome on some of the area’s beaches (just be sure to keep them safe). This includes Moonstone Beach and Trinidad State Beach. There is an off leash area at Clam Beach as well.

Pet friendly houses for rent in Humboldt County may also be close to one of the various cities’ dog parks. These offer dog runs and lots of fun activities. A few options include Hiller Park and Fortuna Dog Park.

Finding the Ideal Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Northern California Coast

You are sure to find plenty of options in dog friendly rentals in Humboldt County. Check out the options listed here. Be sure to learn about any restrictions and options for pets. For example, some properties may offer a fenced in area for pets.

There are lots of reasons to bring your pets along, especially if they are an important part of the family. Check out some of the best locations located near the water, in one of the area’s neighborhoods, or even overlooking the waterfront itself.