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Magical doesn't even begin to describe the experience you will get Dog Sledding with All Seasons Adventures! This winter activity offers you the rare opportunity to sit back and relax in a sled while a team of incredible dogs takes you on the ride of a lifetime. This activity is one of the most expensive things you can do in Park City, but it's completely worth every penny! These experienced dogs will guide you through a snow-covered forest landscape at a fast-pace - there is nothing else like it. Every dog has a unique personality to match their fun names - meet Frozone, Sputnik, Koz, Hiccup, River, Wolf, Reegan, Oqui, and more on your next trip to Park City!

How Does Dog Sledding Work?

  • What is a Musher?

The musher is the official name of the driver behind the sled who controls the dogs. They give the dogs commands which tell them when to turn, stop, slow down, etc. They are responsible for your safety as well as the dogs' safety so make sure to follow their instructions closely. At All Seasons Adventures, the main mushers are husband and wife duo Maren and Racer Gibson. With them behind the sled, you are guaranteed a wonderful time as they are highly experienced and friendly. Additionally, they founded the Arctic Rescue Utah organization which works with shelters to help adoptable dogs find their forever homes.

  • Does the order of the dogs matter in dog sledding?

Absolutely! This is one of the most common questions when it comes to dog sledding. The dogs closest to the sled are the "Wheel Dogs," they must be the strongest dogs of all. At the front of the sled, leading the pack, are the "Lead Dogs," who are typically the most obedient and highly intelligent dogs. They must listen to the commands of the musher and set the pace for the team. Directly behind the Lead Dogs are the "Sled Dogs," who assist the leads in turning the sled and keeping up the pace. Finally, there are the "Team Dogs," who make up the rest of the team in between the Wheel and Sled dogs. They are responsible for providing the power behind the team and work to keep up the speed. As you can see, there is a special science to Dog Sledding. Every dog plays a crucial part in the success of the team overall.

  • Does the breed/size of the dog matter in deg sledding?

Definitely! Though, size of the dogs matter more than the breed. Of course, working sled dogs such as Alaskan and Siberian Huskies are a common choice. There are many other breeds that can learn how to be part of the sled team as long as they are of similar build to other sled dogs. Other common snow dogs that are perfect for dog sledding include Samoyeds, Alaskan Malamutes, and Chinooks.

  • Will I be able to pet the dogs?

Yes and they love it! Though, you are unable to interact with the dogs prior to your ride. This is because they will be very excited. So, at the end of your ride you will have plenty of time to snap your photos, feed, and pet the dogs.

Are the Dogs Safe and Cared for?

Yes! If you get the chance to meet them for yourselves or if you have a dog, you'll see that dogs love having a purpose! They love to work and are just as excited as you are to get going. In fact, most of the dogs they use are rescues. They follow a strict weight limit which has a maximum of 350 lbs in the sled. This is to ensure that the dogs are not taking on a weight that could injure them.

Pricing & Location

Caring for dozens of dogs is no easy task! They require a great deal of supplies, food, and other necessities to ensure the highest level of care and safety. That is the main reason that this activity is more expensive than others. Though, you can be sure that much of your money is going directly to support these magnificent animals. For families of four, we highly recommend doing a split ride! This will allow for two separate, but consecutive 25 minute rides for two people at a time. Each sled can accommodate two adults or one adult with two small children.

The location for this activity is about 45 minutes outside of Park City, within the National Forest so be sure to plan ahead. If you arrive late, you will not receive additional time for your tour. Unfortunately, due to the strict schedule of the dogs and tours, adding time will not be possible.

What’s Included

  • An estimated 1 hour long ride depending on weather and other factors such as the dogs' energy expenditure.

Local Tips

  • Must be at least 3 years old to participate.
  • Weight maximum of 350 lbs is strictly enforced for the safety of all people and dogs.
  • You must be on time - if you're late, you will not receive more time on your tour.
  • Highly recommended to wear ski gear to stay warm!


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