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Vessel Kitchen was founded in 2016. Their mission was to create a place that Park City residents and tourists would flock to for “made from scratch,” wholesome meals with flavors that span across country boundaries. In their own words, Vessel kitchen is about fueling bodies with food that imparts “joy in every bite.” The “honest food” sentimentality at Vessel Kitchen has definitely struck a chord with area diners, because Vessel Kitchen has no trouble filling their restaurant from open until close.

They cater to all sorts of diets, including those who eat Keto or Paleo, vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free. They have plant-based “meats,” as well as genuine meat dishes, like their braised beef and mac and cheese dish.

As much as possible, Vessel Kitchen sources local ingredients in season. Park City being in the climate it is, isn’t always forthcoming with fresh greens in winter, but Vessel Kitchen makes an excellent effort at supporting local vendors as much as possible.

The executive chef at Vessel Kitchen is Annalee Kinross, who boasts experience going back 25 years. She thrives on menu planning and execution and it shows in the dishes that are served at Vessel Kitchen. Prior to working at Vessel Kitchen, Annalee received her culinary degree in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts from Scottsdale Culinary in Arizona.

Visit Vessel Kitchen when you feel the need for true nourishment that will tease your tastebuds and delight all your visual senses, all at once.

Location & Environment

Vessel Kitchen is located at 1784 Uinta Way in downtown Park City, inside Kimball Junction. It’s just off the Uinta roundabout, across from Smith’s Food and Drug store. They offer counter and sit-down service, as well as curb-side pickup. Front door parking is available. The only negative thing Vessel Kitchen is that it’s not really walkable from downtown. However, the drive to this spot is well worth it, and it’s very easy to get to from any location in Park City.

The outside of this restaurant is fairly low key. Housed within a faux stone facade, it’s attractive and reflects the natural-based menu items. Inside, you’ll be blown away by the attention that’s been paid to the decor. There’s a very open and long prep counter, where you can watch your to-go orders being made. This utilitarian-style area is contemporary, clean and highly functional, both for customers and the staff. Overhead, open ductwork and drop lights span the ceiling. Who knows if the white duct pipes are actually genuine, but who cares? The style works!

Customers come in, review the menu and move along the counter to either eat in the restaurant, pick up orders that they telephoned in, or place and take orders to go. Food is served in trendy rectangular white dishes that complement the colorful arrangements of carefully thought out food combinations. Food portions are generous.

With a large glass door and plenty of windows all around, the interior is airy and sunny, filled with wooden-top tables and comfy, contoured wooden chairs on a tiled, plank-style floor. Outdoor seating is available on a sunny, basket-weave enclosed deck outfitted with polished wooden picnic tables. The view from outside is a little lackluster because it overlooks the roundabout. Still, you’re there for the food, not the view.

About the Menu

Nutrition Facts & Transparency

One telling feature of the Vessel Kitchen menu is that the nutrition information for each dish is available online and in-house. You won’t have to guess how many carbs are in your mango slaw topping or in the hash-hash side dish. The sugar content is available, as well as fiber, sodium and the usual fat, protein and calorie counts. This in itself makes this an ideal place for anyone who is serious about eating nutritiously. Not only that, but each dish they serve comes with a little note if it contains things that might be problematic for certain eaters, such as gluten, nuts, soy and the like.

Seasonal Menus

The regular menu at Vessel Kitchen has something for everyone. The menu changes according to the season, too. Their signature dishes deserve a try if this is going to be your first time at Vessel Kitchen. Examples include Poke Tuna, with Yellowfish tuna poke, spicy sesame couscous, smashed avocado and Thai-style carrots. Also, try the aforementioned Hash-Hash, with braised beef, sweet potato hash, horseradish feta cream, pickled onion, parsley, mustard seed and chive. Hungry yet? Vessel Kitchen is going to be on your list of favorite eateries while you visit Park City!


Vessel Kitchen offers catering for big and small events. They have an actual catering team, who will work with you to develop the perfect catering menu for your guests. And, if you don’t see what you are looking for on their catering menu, they are willing to customize things just for you.


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