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The Eating Establishment in Park City, Utah is an upscale, American-style restaurant with a neighborhood vibe. Tucked away in an unassuming brick and blue facade in downtown Park City, this eatery caters to individuals and families. It’s the kind of place where you can belly up to the bar and get an old-fashioned, fill-your-belly breakfast before heading off to the ski slopes. Afterward, return here for a hamburger and chips plate or a drink with your ski buddies. You’ll be welcomed by friendly staff and a roaring fire in the dining area, in season of course.

While food is this restaurant’s primary offering, it shouldn’t go without saying that they have an impressive, fully stocked bar. And by fully stocked, we’re talking floor to ceiling premium liquors and wines.

You can also stock up on any necessary souvenir shopping. They sell t-shirts, locally-made hot sauce, lemon curd and Hugo branded coffee behind the checkout counter.

Location & Environment

Finding The Eating Establishment is easy. Just head down Main Street and it’s right there at number 317, pretty much across the street from the Egyptian Theatre.  Street parking is readily available, no meter money required.

The environment is airy, breezy and echoey, that is, until the place fills up, which it will. A huge fireplace in the seating area warms up the atmosphere and lots of group seating tables attract large number of friends, family and ski groups.

In summer, they break out the umbrellas for sidewalk dining. They make it special with hanging flower baskets and ambient music.

With breakfast served all day, there’s hardly a dull moment at The Eating Establishment. Whenever you stop by, you’ll either see someone enjoying a hot toddy, a cold beer or a stack of pancakes. The juxtaposition of eating and drinking make this an eclectic atmosphere that is both welcoming and as familiar as your own kitchen.

For the most part, you can simply stroll into The Eating Establishment and get a table. However, they are extremely popular for dinner, so reservations are needed for dinner service.

What's Good on the Menu

The menu notes that they have vegetarian and gluten-free options available for those who want them. Just ask your waitstaff when you order. They also have a kids menu that your kids will love. It includes standbys like chicken tenders and grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as pancakes, bacon and French toast. There’s also a kid’s version of a hamburger, with french fries on the side.

The breakfast, which, as mentioned above, is served all day, includes not only the basic omelettes and hash browns, but more exotic fare, such as farfalle, quinoa, spinach and dishes that will challenge what your ideas about breakfast food is.

The combined lunch and dinner menu is something you’ll want to linger over as you try to choose among a range of mouth-watering plates. There’s the Jeff’s Burger, a wagyu/grass fed beef burger served with melted blue cheese and topped with a vinaigrette tossed salad.

Then there’s the roasted chicken breast, pan-fried and crispy with mashed potatoes and sautéed kale. Or maybe you’d prefer the seafood linguini pasta plate, tossed in a spicy cajun sauce with halibut, salmon, shrimp and roasted veggies. Honestly, it’s all good and you’ll want to return here again and again so you can get a taste of everything on the menu. Lot of locals call The Eating Establishment their home away from home.

When it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, you’ll want to imbibe one of their speciality, locally-brewed IPAs, ales or lagers. Or, choose a classic Veuve Clicquot wine or Whole Cluster Pinot Noir to accompany your meal.

This is also the perfect place to pop in for an appetizer with your date. They offer a savory meat & cheese board that goes well with any occasion. There’s always a good reason to stop by The Eating Establishment.

What’s Included

Local Tips

  • The Eating Establishment is closed between 4-5PM daily.
  • Dinner reservations are recommended!


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