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Maxwell’s is located just two miles from Olympic Park and south of Highway 80 on Newpark Boulevard in Park City, Utah. This huge restaurant and bar is impossible to miss. Situated near the Newpark Town Center shopping mall, it’s a popular spot for people who are looking for sustenance after a long day of shopping. It’s also a destination for friends and family members who are getting together, as well as individuals seeking cool refreshment from the warm Utah weather.

Dubbing itself as an ultra-lounge and full-service restaurant, Maxwell’s is ready to handle large groups, couples, families and friends. They have a massive outdoor patio that enjoys full sun. They often have live entertainment in warmer seasons, such as the U2 tribute band Rattle & Hum who recently played there in the summer. Maxwell’s is all about entertainment for their guests. They try to plan fun events, like the raffle they had in honor of the Super Bowl. For that event, they also put out a Bloody Mary Bar, with tons of goodies like pretzels and olives to “decorate” your Bloody Mary drink.

Maxwell’s is a great spot to hit with coworkers to grab a beer and some wood-fired pizza. It’s also perfect to watch the ballgame on a big screen or when you just want company to cheer on your favorite team.

Foodwise, Maxwell’s is right up there with the best of the best. The food portions are big, and you’ll leave with your taste buds and your stomach satisfied. There’s a full bar and bar guests are welcome. Although, if you can pass up their delicious appetizers, then you’ve got more willpower than most people!

Location & Environment

Maxwell’s is near the Newpark Resort, so it’s a popular destination for both employees of the resort and their guests. However, Maxwell’s is also the destination for many Park City residents and tourists who aren’t in the immediate locale. It’s not exactly walkable, but it’s easy to get to Maxwell’s if you drive from either north or south along Redstone Avenue. You’ll find Maxwell’s across from the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter.

The environment inside of Maxwell’s is “busy." Because they are usually pretty packed during lunch and dinner hours, it can be noisy inside. Couple that with the big screen TVs and you’ve got a lively environment. If you come in when they first open, which is 11 AM seven days a week, you’ll be the early bird and get to watch it fill up. Closing time is 11PM and by then everyone is pretty full and happy.

The huge outdoor patio is the big attraction for a lot of folks. If you’ve been cooped up in a small ski accommodation or apartment, you’ll love eating and drinking in the wide open space. There are lots of Adirondack chairs to sit back in, plus tables and traditional chairs. On sunny days—even in winter—the UV rating is often high, so if you do choose to sit outside, wear a hat and sunblock. Maxwell’s doesn’t have outdoor umbrellas. What they do have often is musical entertainment. You can call and find out who’s scheduled to play, or visit their Facebook page for updates.

Maxwell’s welcomes kids, so it’s a nice place to bring the children, especially if you have kids that tend to be on the boisterous side. You could eat outdoors and your kids could run around the patio and no one will complain. How’s that for parental joy!

Before or after your visit to Maxwell’s, check out the shop at Newpark Town Center. It’s a nice experience to walk through, pick up a few souvenirs or just walk off your lunch at Maxwell’s.

What’s Good on the Menu

Famous Signature Pies

Maxwell’s offers traditional American and Italian fare, but with a touch of flare that you won’t find at any local chain restaurant. They are famous for their wood-fired pizzas, which they call their “signature pies.” Choose from The Godfather, smothered with four types of cheese, or A Bronx Tale, with fresh tomatoes, basil and pepperoni, or go for the build-your-own, gluten free crust, What About Bob pizza.

Pastas & Handhelds

They also have an enticing array of pasta entrees, like four-cheese ravioli, lasagne and the classic spaghetti and meatballs.  If you’re into lighter fare, they have four different salads that you can add a salmon, shrimp or chicken protein to. Sandwiches include their famous Philly Cheesesteak, which gets rave reviews from guests, and their Chicken Caesar Wrap that includes their in-house Caesar dressing. Word on the street is that some guests come in and ask to buy the Caesar dressing to bring back home with them, it’s that good.

The bar at Maxwell’s is a whole entity of its own. They serve a range of draft beers, including Modelo and brews by local artisans. If you can dream it, you can drink it at Maxwell’s.

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  • Park City's one and only ultra lounge and full service restaurant!


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