Java Cow Cafe & Bakery

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Got a craving for something sweet? The most iconic (and colorful) dessert shop in Park City is Java Cow - located in the heart of Historic Main Street!

About Java Cow Cafe

Walking into Java Cow is a full sensory experience. Color is everywhere around you, aromas of freshly-baked waffle cones and baked goods are in the air, and high-energy music is playing. If I had to describe the environment in a couple of words, they'd be spunky and retro! You'll be greeted by their giant, iconic cow who lives at the front and center of the cafe. To the left side of the cafe, you'll find the ice cream shop. There's also some seating in the back, past the ice cream. On the right side, or directly in front of you when you enter, is the cafe and bakery.

Since opening its doors in 2003, Java Cow has become a famous landmark in the city. Their goal is to offer visitors the best ice cream in Utah and according to reviews, they're succeeding in their mission! At night, after dinner, Java Cow is at its peak business. So if you don't like to wait in line, we recommend visiting at odd hours such as during lunchtime to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Ice Cream & Bakery

The main star of this establishment is the all-natural ice cream, made fresh in-house! They offer over two dozen options, ranging from beloved classics to unique, seasonal flavors. In addition, they even have vegan ice cream. So, the whole family can enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions. Some popular choices include Cookie Dough Chip, Cotton Candy, Brownie Explosion, Orange Creamsicle, and Java Chip. Their famous vegan flavor is coconut! They also make fresh waffle cones every day which is part of what makes the place smell so mouthwateringly good. Choose your favorite cone flavor from choices such as fruity pebbles and rainbow sprinkles.

In the bakery and cafe, you can enjoy a pastry or grab a coffee to pair with your cold treat. They also offer an all-day breakfast. This includes delectable, house-made breakfast sandwiches, acai bowls, waffles, and crepes. They have something for everyone and they're conveniently located which makes this the perfect morning stop. They make an array of baked goods including cookies, muffins, croissants, macarons, and more. They're the perfect treat to take back to your rental. That way, you can enjoy a leisurely morning rather than leaving to have breakfast.

Java Cow Retail Shop

From the exterior, Java Cow doesn't give much away. But inside, there are knick-knacks and souvenirs galore! It seems as if every inch of the cafe is covered in specialty accessories, gifts, clothing, and other miscellaneous items. Pick up some branded Java Cow t-shirts, pajamas, socks, or even a tote bag. Some of their more unique, specialty items include children's toys, last-minute toiletry items, and pop-sockets, stickers, and funky souvenirs.

Local Tips

  • There's often a line here, especially at night.
  • Java Cow carries Vegan Ice Cream!


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