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Have you ever wanted to experience flying like a bird but didn't want to jump out of an airplane? If this sums you up, head to the iFLY Indoor Skydiving - San Diego Oceanside

This adrenaline-charged experience lets you soar like Superman while being safe indoors with a trained instructor.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving has offered safe and fun indoor skydiving experiences for several years. 

The facility uses advanced wind tunnel technology to create a free-fall simulation that's exhilarating and safe for all ages. 

Oceanside's location is conveniently accessible from anywhere in San Diego, providing an exciting diversion for thrill-seekers and those curious about skydiving.

The concept of indoor skydiving started with the dream of simulating the thrill of free-falling without the dangers of jumping from an airplane. 

The result is a controlled environment where anyone, regardless of age or physical ability, can experience the sensation of flying. At iFLY, you're participating in an immersive experience that engages all senses.

Every visit to iFLY starts with a pre-flight training session. Here, professional flight instructors explain the process, demonstrate techniques, and ensure everyone is comfortable before entering the wind tunnel. 

Safety is paramount at iFLY, and they pride themselves on providing a thrilling yet secure environment for their guests.

For a family-friendly and exhilarating activity on your vacation, let the pros at iFLY Indoor Skydiving - San Diego Oceanside show you how to fly like a bird!  

Fun Facts & Cool Features

One of the most exciting features of iFLY Indoor Skydiving - San Diego Oceanside is the vertical wind tunnel. 

This technology creates a wall-to-wall air cushion on which you can safely float. This feature allows you to experience soaring through the air without parachuting. 

The wind speed can be adjusted to suit all skill levels, making it an accessible experience for everyone.

iFLY also offers a range of programs and events. From personalized coaching to group events and even birthday parties, there's something for everyone. 

They even run a Flight School program for kids aged 4-16. Flight School teaches young flyers the art of body flight in a fun and safe environment.

Another fun fact about iFLY is they believe everyone should have the opportunity to fly, which is why they offer All Abilities sessions. These flights provide a comfortable and inclusive environment for people with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Another cool feature is iFLY Indoor Skydiving - San Diego Oceanside offers high-quality photos and video footage of your flight. You can relive the thrilling experience long after your visit and share it online with friends!

iFLY Indoor Skydiving - San Diego Oceanside is an experience that defies gravity and offers a unique adventure for all visitors. 

Whether you're a thrill-seeker or looking for a fun activity, visiting iFLY promises an unforgettable experience.

Getting There

If you're in North County, San Diego, and looking to visit iFLY Indoor Skydiving - San Diego Oceanside, here are the step-by-step directions:

  • Start on I-5 S from Encinitas Blvd.
  • Follow I-5 S to Vista Way in Oceanside. 
  • Take exit 54C from I-5 S.
  • Continue on Vista Way. 
  • Address: 3178 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92056 


Here are the general ticket fees:

  • First Time Flyer Packages start at $69.95
  • Return Flyer Packages start at $59.95
  • Family Packages start at $299.95
  • Flight School for Kids begins at $119.95

Prices are subject to change; check their website for updates.

Local Tips

  • Guests weighing over 300 pounds are not permitted to fly. Check their website for more stipulations about weight. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes and lace-up shoes. Your flight suit slips over your clothes.
  • Arrive early to allow for check-in and the pre-flight training session.
  • Hair styles must be able to fit into a helmet. 
  • If you have any physical or cognitive disabilities, inquire about their All Abilities sessions.
  • Do you have a large group? iFly can accommodate parties as large as 100!


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