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Like the four seasons, a culinary haven offers a diverse selection of cuisine for varying palates. 

Welcome to the  Seasons Restaurant!

Located within the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara in Carlsbad, this eatery has made a name for itself as a leader in offering local and seasonal ingredients.

The Seasons Restaurant has served its patrons since its inception, steadfastly committed to quality and freshness. Priding itself on a philosophy of keeping things local and seasonal, the rich bounty of regional farms and fisheries is in every dish.

A visit to Seasons Restaurant is a journey through America's culinary landscape. Each dish tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the sheer joy of good food. 

The menu changes with the seasons, reflecting the restaurant's dedication to sourcing fresh, local produce. The chefs at Seasons craft artisan dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

One of the unique aspects of Seasons Restaurant is its collaboration with The Prisoner Wine Company. This partnership allows guests to indulge in exquisite cuisine paired with some of the finest wines. 

With a stellar reputation and rave reviews, Seasons Restaurant has firmly established itself as a premier dining destination in North County, San Diego.


The atmosphere at Seasons Restaurant exudes a sense of sophistication without being pretentious. The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between elegance and comfort, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner for two or a celebration with family and friends.

The restaurant's interior design complements the dining experience. The decor is tastefully done, combining modern aesthetics with warm, inviting hues. 

The seating arrangement for indoors and outdoors allows for intimate conversations while accommodating larger groups.

Seasons Restaurant goes beyond just serving good food; it creates a memorable dining experience. The staff are professional yet friendly, adding a personal touch to the service. 

The live piano music at the grill & wine bar further enhances the overall vibe, making it a perfect blend of class and comfort.

The vibe at Seasons Restaurant is one of relaxed elegance. Guests receive superb food, excellent service, and a comfortable ambiance. It is a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on your North County San Diego getaway. 

Seasons Restaurant: Menu & Drinks 

The menu at Seasons Restaurant is a testament to the creative genius of its chefs and their commitment to using fresh, local produce. 

One of the highly recommended dishes that you must try is the Sunday Brunch. This all-day menu has been crafted with attention to detail, offering various options. It caters to diverse tastes, going above and beyond the traditional brunch fare.

Another standout dish is their French Tapas specials, featured alongside their regular menu. These tapas are a delightful exploration of flavors, each bite offering a unique taste experience.

When it comes to drinks, Seasons Restaurant doesn't disappoint. Their collaboration with The Prisoner Wine Company means you can enjoy some of the best wines paired with your meal. The wine list is extensive, providing options for both the casual wine drinker and the connoisseur.

From the food to the beverages, every aspect of the dining experience at Seasons Restaurant is designed to be an indulgence of the senses. Each dish, each drink embodies tradition and innovation, making it a joy to share good food and drinks with loved ones.

Local Tips

  • Brunch is offered on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM-2 PM.
  • Happy Hour is daily from 2-5 PM.
  • Enjoy the extensive wine list, thanks to their collaboration with The Prisoner Wine Company.
  • The vibe is relaxed elegance, perfect for any occasion.
  • The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.
  • Live piano music at the grill and wine bar enhances the dining experience.


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