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Exterior view of Revolution Roasters.
Revolution Roasters full menu sign.
The interior coffee grinder bar at Revolution Roasters in Oceanside, CA.
Revolution Roasters chai tea lattes.
Monkey bread and iced chia tea latte at Revolution Roasters in Oceanside, CA.
Revolution Roasters corner bar area.
Interior hang out at Revolution Roasters in Oceanside.
Coffee artistry heart foam at Revolution Roasters in Oceanside, CA.
Parking mural at Revolution Roasters.
Revolution Roasters pastry case.
Street view at Revolution Roasters in Oceanside, CA.
Revolution Roasters homemade pop tart in Oceanside, CA.
Parking at Revolution Roasters.
Revolution Roasters art in Oceanside, CA.


Join the Revolution! Coffee lovers rejoice! Take in some culture, craft, and coffee at this trendy community hot spot along one of the timeless stretches of California’s Coast Highway. Revolution Roasters is a local fave for that morning pick-me-up, afternoon gathering, or early evening break. 

This java shop not only offers a wide variety of handcrafted beverages and coffee but also artisan sandwiches and homemade sweet treats like pastries, muffins, and bread. With specialty roasted coffee, which they roast themselves at another location just down the street—your caffeine go-to is full of flavor and love! 

I popped into Revo Roasters on a typically gorgeous sunny SoCal day morning for some fuel before heading to Legoland in neighboring Carlsbad. My first obstacle was figuring out what to order since artisan coffee shops have endless possibilities and I like everything. 

Their menu is boldly displayed on the right-hand wall as you enter their open airy space. 

After I narrowed my drink choice down to a Chai Latte, I then ogled the pastry and sandwich display case. My sister-in-law was with me so we agreed on two pastry selections and stopped there even though we were eyeballing the handmade sandwiches…we were going to need the sugar rush to propel us through Legoland

Mark, a barista, took our order of two Chai Lattes with oat milk – one hot, one cold, a handmade Pop Tart, and Monkey Bread. I must admit that we made stellar choices. 

As our drinks were being prepared, we wandered around Revo’s cool little shop checking out the décor and artwork. 

The interior is wide open and has lots of seating with the entire front opening up to S. Coast Hwy. On the storefront side of the sidewalk they have a covered patio with high-top seating and on the street side there are picnic benches which was a perfect place to enjoy our goodies and the sunshine, and do some fantastic people-watching. 

We grabbed our drinks and pastries and headed out front to claim one of the picnic tables as our own. Revolution Roasters is definitely one of O’side’s best coffee spots as you can tell by the sheer number of people in and out…if they had a drive-thru, the line would definitely wind around the block.

Everything was outstanding. I can say that I have never, ever had a better homemade Pop Tart—I don’t think I’ve ever had a homemade PT…SO good! The Monkey Bread was an ooey, exactly the right amount of gooey, glazy cubed muffin of deliciousness that I wish I had more of right now! If you can’t make up your mind, these two are fantastic choices to start with and you can always go back for others. 

In the time we were there the parking spots out front were constantly being turned over, so parking is not really an issue. And they have a side lot with a few spaces and a very cool mural as well. There is plenty of on-street parking as well. They are kid-friendly and dog friendly and have a variety of indoor and outdoor seating and standing spaces.

Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate their high-quality pour-over, house drip, cold brew, and nitro and the rest of us can appreciate a great cup of coffee or handcrafted beverage. 

Definitely, a fun (and tasty) way to spend a morning or afternoon!


With a chill and artsy vibe, this trendy little shop offers great spaces for hanging out, meeting new people, and socializing. And if you feel like exploring, you can check out the fun vintage boutiques and cool, funky shops like Boom Boom Brazil along the Hwy with a to-go cup of joe. 

Revolution Roasters: Coffee Beans

Revo Roasters definitely knows their coffee! 

This cute local coffee shop not only offers food and beverages but also a variety of coffee that they roast themselves. They offer light, dark, med/dark, and decaf, and in whole bean form or several grinds such as fine (espresso, Aeropress), medium (drip, pour over, and Chemex), and coarse (French press and cold brew).

Currently, they offer 7 different roasts which can be purchased at their storefront or online. I’ve listed my recommended four below. 

Holy Goat is their light Ethiopian coffee which is roasted lighter to harness natural flavors and has bright vibrant acidity with floral undertones. 

Mexico Decaf highlights toasted marshmallows with a chocolatey background and offer a smooth sip. The 100% chemical-free process results in 99.00% caffeine-free coffee – perfect for a nighttime grab. 

Night Shift is their full-bodied darkest roast from Papua New Guinea and Giant’s Head is one of their medium/dark blends (Mexico & Papua New Guinea) with balanced sweetness, full body, chocolatey notes, and low acidity. 

Nicaragua Natural is a limited-release selection from the renowned La Bastilla Coffee Estate. This coffee offers a bright, clean taste with honeydew, chocolate-covered almonds, and herbal tea flavors. 

This particular batch was a winter harvest from the tropical paradise of Finca La Bastilla, known for the fauna and flora found on deep, favorable volcanic soils. Since 2003, this farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance and is striving for continued excellence. Sustainability, economic advancement, and community-driven programs are huge aspects of this incredible producer. 

They go on to tell you the altitude (1300-1500 ft.), process (natural), roast level (light), brew methods (filter, pour-over, Aeropress, and espresso), and what the roasters are tasting (blackberry, chocolate covered almonds, hibiscus tea).  

Local Tips 

  • Revolution Roasters sits at the end of a strip of fun shops in South Oceanside and draws large crowds of locals and visitors.
  • If you decide to order a bag of coffee online, keep in mind it ships out on Wednesday. So make sure to have your order in by 8 AM Wednesday morning. 
  • They also offer wholesale pricing, so if you’re looking to offer their coffee at your business, definitely check them out.
  • Revolution Roasters is a great space to meet up with friends or just to pop in and out for your favorite drink, a Sammy, or a treat.
  • Sharing is caring—they have awesome craft coffee shop gift cards! 


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