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The interior bar at the Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, CA.
Cute presentation of the final bill at Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, CA.
Breakfast Republic's mimosa and bloody mary.
Egg chairs and outdoor area of Breakfast Republic.
Breakfast Republic's peanut butter pancakes in Encinitas, CA.
Interior dining area at Breakfast Republic.
Breakfast Republic's interior seating.
Table and interior dining at Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, CA.
Chicken sign and seating at Breakfast Republic.
Breakfast Republic menu.
Eggs Benedict at Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, CA.
Tchotchkes for sale at the Breakfast Republic Encinitas.
Breakfast Republic gift shop area.
Christopher Walken sign at the Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, CA.
Breakfast Republic inside life mural.


Looking for a great Sunday brunch spot? I found the perfect spot for you in Encinitas!

Locals and visitors alike flock to the Breakfast Republic for their excellent fare, cool décor, open spaces, and fun and funky vibe—not to mention their extensive menu, which is also great for breakfast any day of the week. 

This popular eatery has 17 locations, from Irvine to Hollywood, and is a part of the Rise and Shine Hospitality Group which assists with a non-profit organization. They do their part in being environmentally friendly by reducing, reusing, and recycling, while also participating in a food waste composting program. Between all this goodness and their menu goodness, you just can’t go wrong!

The Breakfast Republic in Encinitas has a nice, spacious outdoor side patio area and lots of indoor seating, so the turnover rate is pretty quick which is a good thing since this chain is extremely popular, especially on the weekends. 

While waiting for my party, I put our name in with the hostess and squatted a spot outside in the sunshine. 

Right in front, they have a cute little seating area with custom egg-themed chairs and a table, and on the hostess podium was a funny photo of Christopher Walken that said, “No Reservations…Walkens Only”…clever…I think I need that at my house!

Once my entire party arrived we were seated at a large table in the back of the restaurant by the kitchen, which gave us a chance to have a wonderful family gathering. 

And right at the back of our table were the swag shelves which had a lot of cute tchotchkes and fun t-shits, hoodies, and caps. This sweet chain restaurant is definitely worth a visit. 


The Breakfast Republic’s décor is fun—kinda farm chic meets funky with a little earthy thrown in the mix. Though they are a small chain they still give off that mom-and-pop diner vibe.

Breakfast Republic: Menu & Drinks

Their menu is extensive and offers a wide range of dishes from Crab and Crawfish Eggs Benedict to the most fabulous French Toast Sampler—they definitely have something for everyone.

My group ordered the Shrimp & Ricotta Frittata, Crab and Crawfish Eggs Benedict plus avocado, American Breakfast, Side Strawberry Pancake, American Breakfast substitute potatoes with fruit, side of 1 egg plus avocado, San Diego Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Jambalaya and the most awesome…French Toast Sampler. 

As for drinks, I ordered the Jurassic Bloody Mary, my sister-in-law ordered the bottomless (Mexican) Café Olla and the Chamango Mimosa, and the in-laws ordered a Stone Delicious IPA, and a Stone Buenavez. And for the little one, there was delicious chocolate milk. 

Out of all of the dishes, the French Toast Sampler was…hands down…the winner and loved by everyone! Along with the peanut butter and banana Elvis Pancakes…delish!

Next time I go I am heading straight for the mimosas and French Toast Sampler—then probably a nap on the beach.

Local Tips 

  • Be prepared to wait for seating, especially during peak hours. The good news—they do have an indoor bar so you can grab a mimosa or bloody Mary while you wait for your table. 
  • The restaurant is a large open space and at peak hours there are a lot of people chatting so it was a bit noisy and a little hard to hear everyone. 
  • The Breakfast Republic is located in a strip mall with plenty of parking in both the large lot and on the side streets. It is very easy to find and definitely worth a visit.


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