Toll Station Pizza and Grill

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The Toll Station Pizza and Grill patio.
Delicious pizza in Toll Station Pizza and Grill
Inside dining at Toll Station Pizza and Grill.
Lasagna and garlic bread on a plate.


Toll Station Pizza and Grill is a long-standing restaurant in the McCall area with incredible food!

I know this because I have been told to visit here by at least three locals when I inquired about where to get a good dinner. I found out this location has been here for over 40 years, which is really impressive. 

So I decided to visit for dinner during the week while I was in town for some fun on the lake.

I initially thought it was just a pizza joint, but they are really a great location with some excellent food options. The menu has pizza but also burgers, sandwiches, baskets, and pasta. There was something for everyone, even my picky eater in the group.

The food variety was great, which was important for my table. However, I also found the food was super good. Though some of the selections seemed simple, I loved that they used fresh ingredients and a few twists to the ingredients to make it a bit more special. Very good.

I was also really impressed with the price. My sandwich, which was big enough for two meals itself, was just under $15. That’s impressive in this area for a prime rib sandwich!

I went to the restroom and got to see more of the interior as I made my way. 

It’s quite beautiful with wooden chairs and tables and a modern feel. The area is very well-staffed with friendly faces, too. The server and the host spoke to us a few times and even recommended heading outside if we wanted a game of frisbee.

The Toll Station Pizza and Grill is definitely a must-visit during your McCall, Idaho vacation! 


There is both indoor and outdoor seating here. I decided that I wanted to enjoy the view of the lake that much more, so we sat outside on the patio—and what a stunning view! 

The patio was clean and well maintained, comfortable, and not too noisy, even though we were near the street. I also found the entire establishment very relaxing and welcoming. Definitely could have spent time just relaxing under the stars! The fun theming of the mountains isn’t overdone, either.

I’d say the vibe of this cool pizza place is casual, family-friendly, and just what the soul needs to relax after a fun day of vacationing! 

Toll Station Pizza and Grill: Menu & Drinks

I started off my meal with the Bucksnort Root Beer. They have a range of different soda options on the menu, but this was pretty unique to me, so I needed to try it! This bottled root beer was pretty good, though, and it was served nice and cold.

My table ordered the Loaded Fries for an appetizer, and everyone (there were four of us) had plenty. It was a big serving of beer-battered fries that were then covered in the homemade Alfredo sauce before having onions, bacon, and parmesan cheese added to the top. Wow! I wasn’t too sure at first, but that sauce really made a bit difference.

Finally, for my meal, I enjoyed the Prime Rib Sandwich. 

The prime rib was perfectly seasoned and very tender, which means it was cooked low and slow for a long time. I also loved just how huge it was – I was able to eat the second half for lunch the next day. It was topped with a horseradish and mayo blend that was excellent and not too much of a bite. It also had provolone on it and was served with aus jus.

Local Tips

  • Have some fun while you are here—I saw a corn hole game going on that was pretty intense.
  • You can order online, but they prioritize their guests in person, and as a result, they don’t always offer this service, from what I was told.
  • They also do not make reservations, which means there could be a wait for a bit during some periods.
  • I have to say my only regret was not trying the pasta—make sure you do because it looked exceptional on the plate.


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