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Steamers Steak and Seafood menu.
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Chalkboard cocktail menu at Steamers Steak and Seafood.


Steamers Steak and Seafood restaurant is one of the best steakhouses I have been to during my time in Idaho. I was in town for a family reunion and decided to plan a nice meal for my spouse and me here, and I was very satisfied with the experience. 

This restaurant is unique, with a rustic look, but it still has a funky and modern feel to it. I was greeted by some great people and really thought everyone was all about supporting the customer. It was a welcoming surprise.

The location offers a big menu of options, including trout and chicken, but steak is the main focus here, and rightly so. 

Everything is cooked with attention to detail, and you can tell that the recipes are those that have been used for years since they are so well-proven and full of flavor and bite. I found that the portion sizes were also large, and there was really no way that I could finish it all in one sitting.

I had made reservations, and we waited probably about five to six minutes after arrival—which was just fine. We did not have to wait too long for our food, and throughout our meal, our waitress was very accommodating in providing refills and chatting with us. It was quite a welcoming experience.

It is a bit more expensive than some steakhouses, but I also enjoyed a fresh meal made with exceptional quality. I highly recommend that you stop in and get a fantastic meal here!


Though it has a rustic charm to it, Steamers Steak and Seafood in McCall is quite a lovely restaurant. 

It is warm and welcoming, with nice lighting, clean tables and floors, and an excellent level of privacy for each table, thanks to the lowered music and booths. I also found that the area was bustling with people running back and forth, but it wasn’t overwhelming, and our waitress was very accommodating in providing some information.

Steamers Steak and Seafood: Menu & Drinks

The restaurant offers a fine selection of wine, which is where I started when it came to my meal. 

There are quite a few options, but I decided to go with the St. Chapelle Special Harvest Riesling, a local wine, because it was recommended as a crisp, fully flavored option. It was fantastic, and it did not take me long to drink it. They also have beer and some cocktails, but mostly the alcohol list was wine.

For my meal, I started with the shrimp cocktail, which had a large portion (impressive since this is often where locations skimp in my experience), and the cocktail sauce was nice and spicy. It was excellent overall and satisfying.

I then enjoyed the lamb chops. I am usually quite picky about the foods I try at restaurants I have never been to, but this was recommended by the waitress, and I had to do it. And wow, was I glad I did—they were succulent and perfectly cooked. They were served over warm mashed potatoes that had absolutely fantastic flavor to them as well, with a rich sauce. 

It was quite a fantastic meal.

Local Tips

  • I would definitely suggest getting reservations if you are planning a visit here, as they were busy for dinner the entire night.
  • The location by the waterfront makes it a popular destination, but it is also a popular location for locals to visit (which means you know the food is good!)
  • They have a happy hour where the house wines are just $3, and there are discounts on beer and appetizers (I think this was from 5 to 6 each day).
  • This is a family-friendly location with lots to offer for everyone, though I do not believe they have a kid’s menu itself.


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