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On my way to the Mile High Marina in McCall, I stopped in at Stax to get a couple of sandwiches to go. This small establishment offers dine-in, take-out, and outdoor seating options at their picnic tables, and it was truly a delightful experience.

Although Stax has been serving McCall for quite some time, they relocated to a new, larger location a couple of years ago. 

As a first-time visitor since their move, I was pleasantly surprised by the updated and modern design of the new space. Its prime downtown location made it an easy and convenient stop for a quick bite to eat. I can definitely see myself returning to this new location.

One aspect that sets Stax apart from other eateries is their commitment to fresh, house-made bread. 

This includes their mouthwatering sourdough, which boasts a tender and chewy texture with just the right amount of tang. The staff informed me that they bake their bread daily, a practice I wholeheartedly admire and one that helps Stax stand out among other establishments.

The ordering process at Stax was efficient and accommodating, as I was able to select my desired sandwiches and customize them to fit my preferences. In no time at all, my order was ready, and I was on my way to the marina. As a bonus, the price was even more affordable than I had anticipated.

If you're planning on visiting McCall, I highly recommend stopping by Stax for a delicious, satisfying meal crafted with care. Two thumbs up for this fantastic sandwich shop!


At Stax, you'll find a wonderful team of individuals who excel at providing exceptional care for their guests. 

Each person I encountered during my visit radiated warmth and welcomed me with a friendly smile—a clear indication of good hospitality! 

The vibe here is super family-friendly and is an excellent choice for families, groups, and solo travelers alike. 

Stax: Menu & Drink

With an impressive variety of both cold and grilled sandwiches, Stax had something to satisfy anyone's taste buds.

One mouthwatering option that I couldn't resist was Brillo’s Reuben, a towering grilled sandwich packed with delectable slow-cooked pastrami. 

This masterpiece was layered with a generous scoop of sauerkraut that wasn't too wet, saving the sandwich from becoming a soggy mess. Add in some Swiss cheese and a drizzle of Thousand Island dressing, and the combination was out of this world. To top it off, the hoagie roll was grilled to a perfect crisp, making this sandwich an absolute must-try.

The second sandwich I picked up was the cold Fat Tinny—a colossal creation not for the faint-hearted. 

Featuring a scrumptious blend of turkey, ham, roast beef, and pastrami, this sandwich was an irresistibly filling choice. It was topped with your preferred cheese choice and a mix of mayo and mustard, making it an instant favorite. Fair warning—I couldn't finish it in one sitting!

Each meal at Stax also comes with a small bag of chips on the side, and you can grab a refreshing drink to accompany your sandwich. 

Overall, Stax offers a delightful dining experience for visitors in McCall, with its friendly atmosphere and diverse menu. It will be sure to have you coming back for more.

Local Tips

  • For a quick pick-up experience, order in person. Phones are always busy!
  • They offer a fun seasonal menu, so make sure to give it a try.
  • With multiple locations, it’s a good idea to try them all!
  • They offer gluten-free options using lettuce to replace the bread.


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