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Dessert at Ruperts.
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If your looking for a fine dining establishment during your travels to McCall, Idaho, look no further than Rupert's Restaurant! With a cozy location within a lodge, not only can you satiate your hunger with their delicious culinary offerings, but you can take your time and enjoy the exquisite dining experience as long as you like.

On a recent Friday evening visit, my friend and I were impressed by the diverse range of dishes available, including Asian, Mediterranean, and classic American cuisines. And while we waited for our table, we had the pleasure of speaking with the friendly host. 

We learned that Rupert's esteemed Chef Gary Kucy is not only passionate about his craft but also dedicated to using high-quality ingredients and refined techniques in his culinary creations.

True to form, when our meals arrived, we were delighted to find the dishes expertly seasoned with a considerate balance of flavors. It was apparent that Chef Kucy invests great attention in perfecting each dish. 

Adding to Rupert's charm is its focus on locally-sourced produce and meats. The restaurant sources hand-selected cuts from local butchers, and fresh ingredients, such as huckleberries, from surrounding farms. This thoughtful touch adds to the overall appeal and quality of Rupert's cuisine.

Despite the luxurious ambiance, outstanding service, and mouth-watering culinary delights, Rupert's Restaurant remains surprisingly affordable, making it an excellent choice for those visiting McCall. 

My friend and I were not only impressed by the delicious food but also the warm hospitality, leaving us eager to return. Without a doubt, Rupert's Restaurant is an exceptional dining destination that perfectly complements a trip to McCall, Idaho.


Embark on a gourmet experience at Rupert's Restaurant, McCall, Idaho

This quaint restaurant offers an upscale and beautiful ambiance without being pretentious. With its well-designed interior and warm atmosphere, this establishment is bound to make you feel welcome. 

And the recently expanded bar area is perfect for either sipping on delightful flights of your favorite beverages or enjoying coffee-house-style drinks.

The open and elegantly furnished dining room gives the impression of being in a high-end steakhouse, yet still creates a comfortable and relaxed environment for its patrons. 

In fact, one of the main attractions of this restaurant is its close proximity to the water, which provides a serene view without the usual cacophony of loud crowds.

Rupert's Restaurant: Menu & Drinks

Here you can indulge in a delicious and diverse menu!

To start off your meal, order the Bacon Ranch Shrimp Scampi—an appetizer perfect for sharing. Featuring six large prawns, these succulent seafood bites are sautéed in a mouth-watering blend of white wine, bacon butter, and garlic. Served with small baguettes, it's an undeniably delectable treat.

For your main course, try the unique Maple Mustard Glazed Elk Meatloaf. With its unexpected pairing of mustard and maple, it's a culinary experience you won't want to miss. The accompanying mashed potatoes are enhanced with smoked cheddar and onion, ensuring a tantalizing taste. A generous serving of steamed vegetables and the rich, rosemary-bacon-infused gravy completes this extraordinary dish.

And don’t forget to quench your thirst with handcrafted cocktails.

To elevate your dining experience, enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail before or during your meal. One of the must-try options is the Milk and Honey—a heavenly blend of Benedictine liqueur and milk that will have you coming back for more.

Whether you're a traveler exploring McCall, Idaho, or a local looking for a memorable dining experience, don't miss out on the exquisite offerings at Rupert's Restaurant. 

The combination of its remarkable ambiance, delicious menu items, and finely crafted drinks makes it a must-visit destination!

Local Tips

  • Reservations are recommended.
  • Make sure to ask about their specials. They change regularly and include market fresh fish.
  • The chef here cares! They will customize meals for you, especially for allergies or food sensitivities.


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