Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner

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Exterior view of Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner.
Ice cream cone at Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner.
Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner inside dining area.
The ice cream counter.


Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner is a traditional diner-style experience. It is not large, it doesn’t have a lot of staff, from my experience, but it has really good people and excellent food. 

After spending the day before on the water and noticing this location on my way home, I decided to stop for breakfast the next day. It was just what I wanted—good food, a good price point, and options that were pretty traditional diner grub.

I was greeted by a young lady who was very chipper and seemed to be happy to help me. As she welcomed me, she asked me what I was doing in the area (I guess I looked like a tourist) and was very nice. 

I sat down at the table she took me to, and the waitress took under 5 minutes to bring over some water. She gave me a rundown of some of the most popular dishes and was very nice to chat with. It wasn’t all that easy to make a choice!

I didn’t get a chance to ask, but it seems like this is a family-run location because everyone seems to be passionate about creating really good food and treating each customer with respect and a smile. Some of the staff are really young, and I could tell that they were still learning the ropes, but that’s just part of the atmosphere.

I would recommend coming back here for any meal of the day, but for breakfast, it was fantastic and filling. I ended up skipping lunch because I was still very full from such a hearty meal. 

And I don’t think I spent more than $15 on the entire thing, plus the tip I definitely thought was deserved.

So if you find yourself in the neighborhood during your McCall vacation, I highly recommend popping in for breakfast! 


The Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner are pretty great. It’s a laid-back, quiet kind of vibe and easily a local favorite. I found it to be clean and well-maintained, and the staff was very welcoming and conscientious of cleaning tables and keeping people’s drinks filled. 

One of the best things about it was the view—overlooking the water, I can only imagine what the sunrise looks like here. It is really a family-friendly destination, too. 

There’s also an arcade next door, so make some time to stop by and have some fun!

Payette Dream Coffee House and Diner: Menu & Drinks

With a standard “diner” menu, I decided on a hearty breakfast. 

It had three eggs scrambled with a mixture of both bacon and sausage. I asked for both, even though you usually just choose one. It also came with country potatoes (or hashbrowns) and then toast. I choose to get mine with coffee, but you can also get OJ with it.

The food was really hot and freshly made when I received it. The eggs were not overdone (I do not like dry eggs), and I was able to get free refills on my coffee several times while I was there.

I really found everything to be tasty and not overly salted or greasy like some dinner foods can be.

Local Tips

  • They have an early bird special (which was available before 8 am) that was super cheap!
  • They offer a full menu from breakfast through dinner, but it seems to change often, so be sure to be flexible!
  • Though I was there early in the morning, I was tempted to go back later for an ice cream cone as I have heard they are huge and have some great flavor options to choose from.
  • I really feel like the coffee was fantastic, though I am not sure it was anything special; it was super fresh and without all of the frills (or cost) of the chain coffee shops.


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