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As you explore the charming town of McCall, Idaho, you'll quickly discover it's brimming with drool-worthy pizza joints. Among these, Growler's Pizza Grill makes a lasting impression. 

During my recent lakeside visit, a friendly local working at a nearby shop recommended this family-owned gem as the best place for pizza in town, and boy, was she right!

From the moment you step into Growler's, you'll be enveloped in its warm, hospitable atmosphere. The passionate staff works tirelessly to ensure every guest enjoys an exceptional dining experience.

Not only does this amazing joint serve mouthwatering pizza, but their diverse menu also teases your taste buds with other flavorful choices, such as scrumptious sandwiches on focaccia bread, juicy burgers, and refreshing salads. 

You'll also be delighted to find a fully-loaded salad bar boasting a generous selection to suit all preferences. With such a vast array of menu options, you might initially feel overwhelmed, but fear not! After indulging, you'll leave with a full belly and a beaming smile, eager to return for more.

And if all the options weren’t enough, Growler's has earned a reputation for its delicious pizzas, offering an intriguing variety of gourmet toppings. 

From beloved classics to unique additions like chorizo sausage and salami, there truly is something for everyone. Best of all, their scrumptious offerings come at surprisingly affordable prices, making this restaurant a must-visit destination in this bustling area.

When you visit Growler's, don't be shy—strike up a conversation with the lovely staff! They're always eager to share their recommendations for daily specials or exciting new items that are sure to delight your palate. 

So, embark on a culinary adventure in McCall and make Growler's Pizza Grill your top destination for a memorable meal!


This restaurant is expansive, filled with intriguing sights to explore. Multiple big-screen TVs adorn the walls, providing an opportunity to catch a game while you unwind. 

In another section, you'll find a charming wood-burning stove, though it wasn't in use during my summer visit. The picturesque views are not only breathtaking but also well-maintained.

And this venue has a fantastic family-friendly and upbeat ambiance, similar to that of a spirited pizza joint with a genuine appreciation for the local community. 

If you find yourself traveling or vacationing in McCall, Idaho, this lively vibe is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience, surrounded by the warmth of the people and the pristine surroundings.

Growler's Pizza Grill: Menu & Drinks

I initially assumed the local dining scene was primarily focused on pizza, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a diverse and delicious menu waiting for me.

As I sat down, I was instantly drawn to the appetizers, and Bear Toes caught my attention. 

These Asian-infused wings boasted a perfect blend of tanginess, spiciness, and meatiness that made for an incredible start to my meal. A dish like this is sure to delight any fellow wing lovers out there.

Rather than opting for pizza, I decided on a sandwich made with freshly toasted focaccia bread: the BBQ Chicken. 

This hearty sandwich comes loaded with juicy chicken, smothered in a delectable BBQ sauce, and topped with green peppers, tomatoes, and a generous portion of sliced mozzarella cheese. Melted to perfection, this was one satisfying meal choice! To complement my sandwich, I added a side of freshly made onion rings.

Additionally, they offer a variety of beverages, from freshly brewed tea to a selection of beers and wines. And although I enjoyed the tea during my meal, I couldn't resist grabbing something sweet for the road. The Root Beer Float brought back fond memories of my childhood visits to soda shops. It was apparent that this establishment took great care in crafting a memorable dining experience.

Local Tips

  • Growler’s has a drive-thru!
  • They have breakfast options here, too, including a breakfast pizza. Yum!
  • Make sure to ask about the weekly specials and deals; they also have great new items on the menu on a regular basis.
  • Dogs are welcome at the dining patio.


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