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​​In the heart of McCall, Idaho, you'll find Frenchie's, a counter-service restaurant with a Southern flair and a trendy, upscale atmosphere. Catering to both locals and vacationers alike, this popular eatery offers a cozy and casual dining experience in both the interior dining area and the outdoor patio.

On a recent trip, I was in search of something more satisfying and unique than just a typical burger and wings meal. Frenchie's caught my attention and exceeded my expectations, not only with its welcoming, friendly staff but also with its mouthwatering, flavor-packed dishes.

Frenchie's boasts separate lunch and dinner menus, alongside a full wine and "funsies" drink menu. With a wide selection of beers on tap, as well as in cans and bottles, you're sure to find a drink that pairs perfectly with your meal.

A standout feature of Frenchie's is their commitment to creating fresh, scratch-made dishes. Their extensive menu encompasses a variety of options, from burgers topped with ham and Swiss cheese (reminiscent of a Cubano) to Gyros served with freshly made tzatziki sauce.

And despite being a bustling and popular spot, my wait time was relatively short. My meal was not only filling but also presented hot and delicious, providing the perfect balance of flavor and relaxation. The friendly staff even went above and beyond, offering me a recommendation for a breakfast spot in McCall since I was new to the area.

Whether you're a traveler exploring McCall or a local looking for a fantastic meal, Frenchie's is an ideal destination for a memorable dining experience. With its superb food, friendly atmosphere, and enticing drink menu, this trendy Southern-inspired restaurant is a must-visit!


If you’re looking for an inviting vibe, then Frenchie's is your spot! This charming establishment is exceptionally well-maintained, boasting a beautiful and inviting ambiance that is sure to enhance your visit to McCall.

Offering both indoor and outdoor seating options, Frenchie's ensures that each area is impeccably clean and comfortable, reflecting a genuine sense of hospitality. Whether you're taking respite from the summer sun or escaping the chilly winter air, you'll find that the atmosphere here is always pleasant and welcoming.

In addition to the stunning aesthetics, the people at Frenchie's truly make all the difference. From the moment you step through the door, you'll be greeted by friendly, helpful staff members who are dedicated to creating a memorable experience for all visitors.

Frenchie's: Menu & Drinks

During my visit to McCall, Idaho, I was eager to explore the local dining scene and discover some refreshing drinks and tasty dishes. And the menu here did not disappoint!

Upon arrival, I immediately inquired about their drink recommendations. Among the numerous suggestions, I decided on two distinctive options. 

First, I couldn't resist indulging in the sweet peach lemonade, a seasonal delight that promised to be incredibly refreshing. True to its name, the lemonade offered a harmonious balance of sweetness from the ripe peach and a tangy punch from the citrusy lemon.

My second choice was a glass of their House Pinot Gris, renowned for its affordability and delectable taste. This wine effortlessly impressed me with its exquisite blend of flavors and crispness, proving to be a wonderful companion to my meal.

As dinnertime approached, I opted for the Rangoons as an appetizer—a unique twist on a classic favorite. These Rangoons stand out from the ordinary, as they are generously filled with mouth-watering fried crawfish tail and velvety cream cheese. Much to my delight, they surpassed the standard Chinese takeout version, providing a scrumptious upgrade that left me craving more.

And for my main course, I chose the hearty Pot Roast Supper. This dish truly embodied the essence of comfort food, featuring a generous portion of tender pot roast that had been carefully cooked low and slow to achieve its melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

Accompanied by fluffy mashed potatoes and rich gravy, this meal was the epitome of warmth and satisfaction. Undoubtedly, it was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling evening meals I experienced while exploring McCall.

So if you find yourself traveling or vacationing in McCall, Idaho, do not miss the opportunity to visit this delightful dining spot. With its enchanting blend of familiar favorites and innovative creations, the menu promises to impress and satisfy even the most discerning of palates!

Local Tips

  • During the warmer months, you can bring your pet if there's available seating on the lower patio level.
  • They are closed on the weekends, so make this your mid-week spot.
  • Be prepared to wait just a bit; they do not take reservations.
  • They offer call-ahead takeout.


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