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While exploring the charming town of McCall, Idaho, my quest for a satisfying pizza led me to a hidden gem—Crusty's Pizza

It's perfect for travelers and vacationers looking for a memorable dining experience. At first glance, one may not expect much from this humble pizzeria, but the flavors, ambiance, and quality service exceeded my expectations.

Nestled in a sweet location, Crusty's Pizza boasts delectable pies crafted from fresh ingredients and topped with a burst of unique flavors. The savory sauce steals the show, blending harmoniously with their fun topping options. 

But what truly sets this pizzeria apart from other pizza shops in McCall is its vibrant atmosphere. 

On the night of my visit, the ambiance was elevated by live music performances that set the perfect mood for an enjoyable dinner. To complement the experience, Crusty's boasts an impressive selection of beers to quench your thirst.

And having spent a hot day by the lake, I was longing for a cold brew and some hearty, comforting food. As I stepped inside, I was struck by the tasteful décor featuring captivating photos of McCall's stunning surroundings, accentuating the local vibe. The graphics and overall aesthetic of the place left an indelible impression on me.

During my two-hour stay, the attentive staff ensured a seamless experience. 

Our server was both friendly and helpful, while the establishment maintained an inviting level of cleanliness. The constant flow of happy patrons and the absence of any complaints further attested to the quality of Crusty's Pizza. To top it off, my steaming hot pizza arrived at the table without delay.

If I had one regret, it would be my inability to sample the diverse offerings on their menu due to my limited appetite. The Prosciutto and Pineapple pie, as well as the BBQ Chicken pizza, were two tantalizing options that I reluctantly passed up. For those craving something lighter, Crusty's also offers fresh salads and scrumptious sides.

So if you’re looking for a delicious meal and an enjoyable atmosphere Crusty's Pizza in McCall is a delightful destination that you must try!


This vibrant pizza shop is perfect for all ages and occasions! With both outdoor and indoor seating options, you'll feel right at home in this family-friendly venue.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised as the day transitions into night, as the atmosphere becomes lively with the sound of music in the background. Choose to sit outdoors on the patio, where tables fitted with umbrellas and a charming string of lights create an intimate setting. As a bonus, the excellent view adds to the overall ambiance, enticing you to stay even longer.

Step inside to admire the beautifully decorated interior adorned with local artisan works on the walls. The bright and modern space boasts fantastic splashes of color throughout, giving the establishment an upscale yet welcoming feel. 

You'll quickly notice the smiling faces of both the customers and the staff, a testament to the friendly vibe that flows through the pizza shop.

Crusty's Pizza: Menu & Drinks

When visiting a pizza shop, getting the sauce right is crucial, and Crusty's Pizza certainly nails it! 

As you might expect from the name, their crust is equally impressive. Crusty's serves up a thin, crisp sourdough crust that tastes more authentic than many other options out there. The unique sourdough base gives the crust a distinct and enjoyable chew.

And while on vacation in McCall, I shared two types of pizza with my companions. 

My friends ordered the Big Crusty, featuring a variety of familiar ingredients like pepperoni, Italian sausage, prosciutto, and bacon (a delightful blend of both worlds). As for the veggies, it came topped with garlic, onions, and mushrooms.

But I was in the mood to try something more unique, so the Wapiti caught my eye as a second choice. This distinctive pizza starts with a pesto base, then adds dried cranberries, mushrooms, and peppers. The star of this culinary creation is the elk sausage, which was surprisingly full of flavor. 

To accompany our delicious pizza, we enjoyed ice-cold beer that perfectly complemented our meal.

Local Tips

  • They offer build-your-own pizza to satisfy even the pickiest of pizza lovers.
  • They have a gluten-free pizza option for those who are looking for it.
  • Make sure to check their social media for an updated live music and event calendar.
  • Outside offers a quieter dining experience. The live entertainment is indoors.


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