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Brunchette On The Lake breakfast bar.
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While in the area, I decided to visit Brunchette On The Lake, a charming eatery in McCall, Idaho that offers an impressive variety of dishes. 

With its primary focus on supporting the local community, it sources most of its produce and baked goods from nearby small farms, as well as partnering with other vendors in the area. Not only do they boast a strong community focus, but the staff are also exceptionally friendly, making every effort to ensure guests have a memorable dining experience.

Upon arrival, I was pleased to find a diverse menu featuring a perfect blend of savory and sweet items, with options for both breakfast aficionados and those seeking a heartier meal for lunch. As I glanced through the tempting array of dishes, I found myself struggling to decide which one to choose!

Although there were a few people ahead of us, the wait was not unreasonable, and I believe it was well worth the anticipation. Plus, they do accept reservations for those wanting to guarantee a spot. 

And while waiting for our table, I noticed their enticing daily specials, including an irresistible bottomless mimosa on Mondays or, for the more caffeine-inclined, free coffee on Tuesdays.

Once seated, we were immediately greeted by our friendly and attentive server. They informed us of the day's specials, after which we enthusiastically delved into the menu. Eventually, we made our selections and eagerly awaited the arrival of our meal.

When our food arrived, it was steaming hot, and the use of locally-sourced ingredients and scratch-made recipes was evident in every bite. For anyone visiting McCall, Idaho, I highly recommend stopping by Brunchette On The Lake. 

Just be prepared—you'll be delightfully full once your meal is over!


Bunchette On The Lake is truly a relaxed, family-friendly restaurant in McCall, Idaho that caters to vacationers, travelers, and locals alike. 

Its prime location near the water makes it a superb choice for anyone seeking a meal before or after hopping on the lake. The restaurant's open and airy design is accentuated with lively colors, such as the high-backed green booths and matching green walls.

And the charming and chic décor imbues the space with an undeniable warmth. Contributing to this pleasant atmosphere, the staff is consistently friendly and welcoming to all diners.

However, the crown jewel of Brunchette On The Lake is undoubtedly its breathtaking view. 

As you enjoy your meal, you can gaze through the expansive windows at the dock and shimmering waters just outside. This serene tableau truly encapsulates the quintessential lake life experience, making this serene restaurant a must-visit destination for anyone traveling through McCall, Idaho.

Brunchette On The Lake: Menu & Drinks

The innovative menu and warm, inviting atmosphere are sure to make your experience at Brunchette On The Lake a memorable one.

My adventure began with a delightful drink at this popular McCall, Idaho destination renowned for its mimosas. I indulged in the Strawberry Basil variant which featured real strawberries, lemon, and basil, all blended seamlessly with OJ. 

The result was a harmonious combination of sweet and tart flavors that left my taste buds tantalized. I can confidently say that it was certainly not a run-of-the-mill mix.

As for the main course, I savored the delectable Smoked Brisket & Eggs. 

Served in a generous portion, the brisket is smoked in-house and boasts an authentic, rich smokiness. It's then seared to perfection and topped off with an incredibly smooth, melted bacon butter that adds another layer of decadence. 

To complement the dish, a tangy BBQ sauce accompanies the brisket, creating a contrasting burst of flavors. I opted for home fries and over-easy eggs to complete my meal, and they did not disappoint.

If you're still feeling peckish or craving something extra, there's an array of sweet add-ons to choose from, too, including French toast, pancakes, or waffles. They're the perfect way to round off an already satisfying visit to this McCall gem.

With its enticing selection of dishes and refreshing beverages, you really can’t go wrong with anything you order! 

Local Tips

  • Make sure to ask for a table with a view.
  • It is right on the lake, so get ready to enjoy a peaceful dining experience.
  • They offer specialty coffee drinks to go. Make sure to try the White Lavender Mocha; it’s delicious!
  • The McCall Golf Club is only about 15 minutes away. I highly recommend making a stop if you like to golf!


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