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Traveling to McCall, Idaho, I recently had the pleasure of dining at Bistro 45. Located just a short drive from the waterfront, its convenient location made it an excellent choice for my family and me since we were staying nearby.

Upon arrival, the warm, friendly atmosphere embraced us immediately. Engaging in delightful conversations with the locals, we found the staff to be equally welcoming. And as it turns out, Bistro 45 has gained quite the reputation as a top wine bar in the region. I am thrilled we had the opportunity to experience it!

Owned by Eric Hovlan, the establishment has been thoughtfully updated with modern features while still maintaining its original charm. From the interior design to the inviting ambiance, every aspect of the bistro was crafted with care.

The main attraction is undoubtedly the impressive wine list, boasting a vast assortment of varieties that can initially feel somewhat overwhelming. Fortunately, the knowledgeable manager was more than happy to share information and guide us toward the perfect selections.

We opted to dine al fresco on a warm day, nestled under a large canopy that provided ample shade. Alternatively, guests can choose to relax in Adirondack chairs, shaded and perfect for people-watching. 

Bistro 45 has truly curated a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of a fun evening with friends in a backyard setting.

Service was quick and efficient, with each course served at the proper temperature. There was no rushed feeling; instead, we were encouraged to unwind and savor the moment. And as the sun dipped below the horizon, Bistro 45 proved to be the perfect place to end our day.

To my fellow travelers and vacationers heading to McCall, Idaho, I highly recommend Bistro 45 for its remarkable wines, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly service. It's an experience you won't want to miss!


Though upscale in design, Bistro 45 maintains an informal atmosphere where guests can feel comfortable without needing to dress to impress. It provides the perfect mix of a relaxed environment and a vibrant social scene, making it an excellent choice for travelers and vacationers alike.

The wine bar offers both indoor and outdoor spaces to imbibe in style. 

Inside, you’ll find a cooled air oasis—perfect for escaping the warmer temperatures during summer months. Lively music fills the space, complementing the buzz of conversation as people chat and enjoy themselves.

If you prefer an even more relaxed and homey vibe, step outside to the beautifully designed patio area. Surrounded by cozy seating and lush greenery, this inviting space is ideal for sipping on a glass of wine and unwinding after a day of adventuring.

Though the wine bar is undoubtedly a popular hang-out spot for adults, its sophisticated yet warm ambiance endears it to visitors of all ages. As a traveler or vacationer exploring McCall, you'll want to add this charming venue to your must-visit list.

Bistro 45: Menu & Drinks

The menu at Bistro 45 was certainly a pleasant surprise. Initially, I thought it would mostly consist of small bites and wines, but I was happy to find a more extensive selection, including paninis, salads, and some small plates.

So for my meal, I decided to try the Crab and Swiss Open-Faced Sandwich. Much to my delight, the sandwich was clearly freshly made and delivered exceptional flavor. Every bite was a joy to savor, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

To accompany my sandwich, I treated myself to a glass of Michel & Tina Gassier, a delectable Cotes Du Rhone. This wine proved to be the perfect choice, as it was perfectly crisp and offered just the right flavor complexity. The refreshing taste was an ideal match for my meal.

And in addition to my own order, I shared Baked Brie with roasted garlic from the bistro's small plate offerings with my family. The dish was quite good, boasting a robust garlic flavor. I found myself continually snacking on this savory treat because it was simply too tempting to resist.

I would highly recommend this lovely bistro to any travelers and vacationers visiting McCall, Idaho. The combination of delightful food, a cozy atmosphere, and a well-curated wine selection makes for a fantastic and unforgettable culinary experience!

Local Tips

  • There’s a piano here. When I asked, they told me that people come in to play the piano each week, creating a fun ambiance, I am sure.
  • There’s also a bocce ball court outside, which I saw people using, and they looked to be having fun.
  • I learned they do fundraisers here and a lot of great community events that you can learn about on their social media profiles.
  • While I am not an expert, I did learn so much about wine during my visit since the managers are highly experienced in the industry. So make sure to ask questions about pairing wines with various meals or what you may like depending on your preferences.


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