Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

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Concrete slide going down the mountain at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, CA.
Exterior building and parking area at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear.
Rider going down the mountain slide at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain.
Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain ticket area.
Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain summer time water slide in Big Bear.
Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain indoor arcade in Big Bear, CA.
Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain mini golf course in Big Bear, CA.
Fun ride at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, CA.
Track up the mountain at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain.
Kids on tube sleds at the bottom of the hill at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, CA.


Are you looking for a thrilling adventure that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, California. Home to a world-famous slide, this recreation area offers year-round fun and excitement for all ages.

Located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, Magic Mountain has been providing visitors with an adrenaline rush since 1972. The Alpine Slide is one of its most popular attractions, offering a unique experience that combines the thrill of a roller coaster with the beauty of nature. 

Riders board their own individual carts and take off down a winding track on the side of the mountain. As they make your way down, you’ll be surrounded by stunning views of Big Bear Lake and lush pine forests.

The ride is full of exciting twists and turns that will have your heart racing as you make your way to the bottom. But don't worry—safety measures are in place to ensure riders have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Before taking off, visitors must purchase tickets from the ticket booth at the top of the mountain and watch a brief safety video before boarding their carts. All riders must be at least five years old and 36 inches tall to ride alone or three years old if accompanied by an adult.

And with plenty of other activities for visitors to enjoy, such as snow play on private land during winter months, tubing, mini golfing, rock climbing walls, laser tag arenas, batting cages, bumper boats, and more. There's something for everyone here. 

 The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is a must-visit for any traveler's Big Bear adventure! 

Fun Facts & Cool Features 

The Alpine Slide has been around for over 40 years and was built by local entrepreneurs who wanted to bring something special to Big Bear Lake. 

It has become an iconic attraction in the area and continues to draw visitors worldwide who come for its unique experience. This quarter-mile-long slide features tight turns, steep drops, and high speeds down Magic Mountain, making it stand out from other amusement park rides.

And the best part, the slide adventure begins with a scenic chairlift to the top of the mountain, where riders can take in the stunning views of the mountain range before the start of the descent. 

With glimpses of wildlife and breathtaking scenery, this incredible mountain slide will definitely take you on an adventure! 

Getting There

Are you planning a trip to the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain in Big Bear, CA? Here is a step-by-step guide to getting you there from Los Angeles:

  1. Take I-5 North out of Los Angeles until you reach Route 38 West.
  2. Follow Route 38 West until you reach Big Bear Lake.
  3. Turn left onto Wildwood Drive and follow it for about two miles until you reach Magic Mountain Road.
  4. Turn right on Magic Mountain Road and drive about three miles until you reach the park entrance.
  5. Once inside the park, follow signs to the Alpine Slide.

Local Tips

  • Plan ahead and check the weather conditions in Big Bear before you visit, as this can affect your experience on the Alpine Slide.
  • It’s recommended to wear long sleeves and pants while riding the slide, as well as closed-toed shoes that won't slip off your feet easily.
  • Remember to bring a camera or phone with you to capture all of the fantastic views from the chairlift and slide!
  • Save time by purchasing tickets online before you arrive at Magic Mountain so you can go straight to the park entrance when you get there.


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