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After a day filled with skiing and hiking, and your palate craves unique flavors and satisfying meals, head to Masala Craft Indian Cuisine

Husband-and-wife team Sachin and Reema started their eatery in 2018, intending to transport guests to the beautiful land of spices and rich culinary heritage.

Their passion for sharing their Indian culture shines through in their well-curated menu full of flavorful dishes and their dedication to using high-quality, fresh ingredients. 

At Masala Craft Indian Cuisine, they believe that food is more than sustenance; it's an experience and a way of bringing people together. This value resonates throughout the restaurant, from the colorful and intricately detailed wall murals to the staff's warm smiles and attentive service.

Such commitment to authenticity and quality is what every diner experiences at Masala Craft Indian Cuisine. 

When vacationing in Big Bear, you owe it to yourself to savor the Indian cuisine, warm environment, and attentive staff waiting at Masala Craft Indian Cuisine. 


Masala Craft Indian Cuisine offers a casual, laid-back atmosphere, precisely what you'd seek after a long day of outdoor adventures in Big Bear. The restaurant's exterior exudes charm and beckons passersby with its warm lights and enticing aromas. 

Upon entering, you're greeted by friendly staff and a cozy, inviting space. The interior is adorned with colorful Indian artwork, offset by the rustic wooden walls that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort rarely found in most dining establishments.

The well-thought-out seating arrangement allows for a friendly conversation with fellow diners while providing a sense of intimacy and privacy. The soothing background music, filled with soft Indian melodies, adds to the serene and relaxing atmosphere, making the dining experience even more memorable.

Enjoy dining al fresco on the front patio when the weather is warm. Masala Craft Indian Cuisine's ambiance will welcome you with open arms. 

Masala Craft Indian Cuisine: Menu & Drinks

Rest assured, your taste buds will dance with delight with one bite at Masala Craft Indian Cuisine.

The menu offers an extensive selection of regional favorites and innovative dishes inspired by Indian cuisine.

Two standout dishes on the menu include the rich and creamy Chicken Tikka Masala and the melt-in-your-mouth Lamb Rogan Josh. Both meals boast a blend of delicious spices that elevate the flavors and create a heavenly experience. 

For vegetarians, the Paneer Makhani comes highly recommended. This scrumptious dish features homemade Indian cottage cheese in an aromatic tomato-based gravy.

The drinks at Masala Craft Indian Cuisine are as impressive as their food offerings. The Mango Lassi is a must-try, providing a refreshing balance to the spicy dishes with its velvety blend of yogurt, mango pulp, and a hint of cardamom.

 If you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, their Masala Chai is an excellent choice. It is infused with a harmonious blend of Indian spices and herbs, reviving your senses.

Local Tips

  • Call ahead and reserve a table, especially on weekends, as the restaurant can get busy.
  • Not sure what to order? Ask the knowledgeable staff for guidance based on your taste preferences.
  • Consider ordering a few dishes to share family style. It's the best way to sample various Masala Craft Indian Cuisine offerings.
  • Ask about their daily specials; these often showcase unique dishes not on the regular menu.
  • Although there's no designated parking for the restaurant, plenty of street parking is usually available nearby.
  • Masala Craft Indian Cuisine doesn't have a Happy Hour.


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